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Exclusive Preview: LeSportsac Winter 2013 bags; Mexican Day of the Dead, flowers, geeky tech bags for women, the debut of some shiny luxe bags, and a redesigned men’s collection

So yeah. I learned a lot of stuff about LeSportsac when I visited their HQ last week! For one – they are coming out with a re-designed men’s collection and a luxe collection!

WHAT. Yes. :)

So the other day when I posted an exclusive preview of the LeSportsac Disney It’s a Small World Hawaii bags I promised I would follow up with the Winter 2013 LeSportsac bags I saw in their showroom. Today, I am making good on that promise.

I even got to see the Dylan’s Candy Bar collection before the public, but I am not allowed to show you those. (HINT: They are bright and cute!)

At the time I didn’t realize that no one else had these photos. The next time I go I will bring a better camera! Anyway, here is what I CAN show you from what I saw:

LeSportsac organizer envelopes:

Jewel print:

Laptop cases:

Polka dot and various prints:

One of the things I was most impressed with was the Men’s Collection. I might live under a rock – but I wasn’t really aware of their men’s stuff before! Shame on me. They said that these just got a re-design and look better than ever. I agree. Most of them have padded space for a laptop or iPad.

Click for larger:

The women’s collection gets more of a focus on technology and mobile devices, too. Click for larger:

It seemed that a lot of their new items are going to be multi-functional. This means that many of these items also had convertible shoulder straps. I saw a lot of little travel bags that store things neatly and hang up to be ultra compact.

Diaper bags! Click for larger:

I know a lot of my readers are going to love this Mexican-inspired skull print:

Click for larger:

One other thing that really impressed me were the new luxe bags. There are some times when a durable-looking bag is just too rugged for the occasion. LeSportsac went and made a bag with the same durable materials, but luxe. The reason I stay away from shiny bags from other brands in the past is because many of them don’t last. We already know from my prior review that LeSportsac is famous for being extremely durable. I know someone who still has one from 30 years ago.

They told me that the main focus here was to make the bags just as durable as their less-sparkly offerings. It looks to me like they achieved it.

I have to confess that regardless of my practical and no-nonsense personality, I am a bit of a sparkly girl, so YES, PLEASE. :D

A shiny, patent-leather type look:

Shiny, sparkly wallets:

A luxe, sequin-covered bag:

More durable, shiny, sleekness:

Here is a larger one. Click for a larger image:

These are not up at LeSportsac yet, but they will be in the next several months!

11 Comments on “Exclusive Preview: LeSportsac Winter 2013 bags; Mexican Day of the Dead, flowers, geeky tech bags for women, the debut of some shiny luxe bags, and a redesigned men’s collection

  1. I guess I live under a rock as well. I didn’t know about the men’s collection either. Looks great. I love that bag that looks like maybe a laptop bag in the women’s tech collection, kind of a purple color with circles and hanging above the denim one.

  2. Ooh the jewels and the skulls!! I’m in love!! (Do the skull print ones come in more colors?)

  3. Very nice collection and congrats on the exclusive!!

    Do you think they will ever work with Sanrio on a Hello Kitty line? I would just die lol

  4. Wow – they don’t stop with creating so many wonderful bags. I have loved Lesportsac bags for many years and have several but a girl can never have too many. The tablet and laptop cases are wonderful as well. Thanks for the great sneak peak!

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