In Asia, You Can Glue Your Eyes Open

Do you want to poke and glue your eyelids open? In Japan, they do. Enter: Japanese Eye Glue! Now you too can poke a scary looking pink stick into your eye and glue it open for a night!


Don’t believe me? Watch the “How To” movie here and check out the website. If you don’t want to glue and poke your eyes open, you can tape them with the tape they sell.

One thing that frustrates me immensely is the fact that people, especially women, are raised to think that how they look is inferior to some abstract archetype that doesn’t even exist in reality. Most marketing companies know this, and so most ads are made to prey on our insecurities, rather than to tell you the facts about a product. Obviously, it’s pretty much the same, no matter what country you live in.

Buy me! I’ll make your fat as thinner! Buy me! I’ll make your old face not wrinkly! Buy me! I’ll make your parents love you! Whatever.

In Japan it is quite common to find women who have had plastic surgery on their eyes for no reason other than to make them larger and resemble European eyes. 100% of the Japanese pop stars I know of have had this done. An anonymous commenter said, “Nowadays double eyelid surgery is so popular in asia that people don’t even consider it as a surgery anymore.”

WTH? A knife near your eye is pretty serious, I’d say.

You might recall that many types of Asian eyes don’t have a “crease”. The eyelid just goes straight down from the eyebrow to the lash line. This makes some Asian eyes smaller than European eyes, and some Asian women complain because it is difficult to apply eyeshadow in the trendy makeup techniques. The fact is that it’s not. Ask any good makeup artist. You would just feel with your brush where the crease is supposed to be and you’d be able to apply it the same way. Carmindy from What Not to Wear just did a demo of it last week on the show, and the woman looked stunning when she was done.

I don’t get why most of us assume that fashion is something that we should fit into. It’s like we are all similar to the evil stepsisters in the original version of “Cinderella”. When the glass slipper didn’t fit, they started cutting pieces of their feet off to fit into the shoe. I used to try and cram myself into stuff that didn’t work for me. When it didn’t fit I felt like I was the problem.

I’m here to tell you that if you also feel this way, you aren’t alone and that if a shoe doesn’t fit, BUY A DIFFERENT PAIR. If a pair of pants doesn’t fit, BUY A PAIR OF PANTS THAT DOESN’T SUCK AND/OR GET THEM TAILORED. IF your eyes don’t work with European eyeshadow techniques, then maybe those techniques are stupid and you should use a technique that makes what you have look gorgeous, because YOU ARE GORGEOUS AND SEXY AS YOU ARE.

Isn’t making you look better THE POINT of makeup and clothing? Yeah, it is. The point is to accentuate you, not to make you look like a clone of someone else or a circus clown. Never mind that the people who want your money will tell you otherwise. Sizes and trends are just guidelines and a way to incrementally measure inventory. They aren’t a measure of your worth, no matter what the advertisers tell you. Numbers mean nothing in relation to a real body.

The real secret of life is that nobody fits into off the rack fashion and plastic surgery is just fucking stupid unless you are hideously disfigured. You are more important than what is hanging on that rack. You are more important than the risk of permanent blindness disfigurement and/or infection for something as stupid as eyeshadow. The people who look good have fashion altered to fit them, not the other way around. That girl in the “How To” video looked just as cute before she glued her fucking eyelids open.

New Art

Katsucon Art Show

I’m entering a set of 4 sketch cards into the Katsucon Art Show this weekend, so if you’d like to own the original, you can buy it there. They were done with Prismacolor pencils and metallic and white inks – unfortunately they don’t seem to show up very well in the scans. In person, all of those blotches glitter.

Here is Piggy-de-lion, the first one. Go to my gallery to see Suckle Honeybee, Ferret Fern, and Fat Rose Rat.