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In 2010 when I and like, 8 people who are now senior staff or alumni started Intervention: The Premier Showcase of Online Creativity I told you I’d have a surprise for you in 2015.


This turned out to be (Re)Generation Who, which is so strong specifically because we’ve had 5 years to train the team and to design our own shit, like The War Games which is our QR code mobile phone game which will be playable at ReGen this year. No one else has that because Wesley Mason made it and we play tested it for years at Intervention. (Blog post coming this week on ReGen’s version – it looks like we may even have some guest participation.)

This year Intervention is evolving as planned (to be announced within days) and you guys aren’t fuckin’ stupid so is it too early to let you know that I have a surprise x2 for you each year leading up to 2020 when shit is gonna go apeshit? I can promise you without reservation that you haven’t even see 1% of the ideas that we have and that we WILL implement. We are going to be able to do so much good for so many people in the community.

Registration is open for both, get on the bus early:

(Re)Generation Who


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 (Re)Generation Who blog levels up, MD’s Doctor Who Convention brings you exclusive fan content!

Let’s talk about some interactive theater that’s in the UK, guys. YEAH!


BIG NEWS! The (Re)Generation Who blog (you know, the Doctor Who convention that I am the Showrunner on) is partnering with many official folks to bring you fan content and interviews that no one else will have! Bookmark and subscribe over there because here is just the first installment.

The first is an exclusive interview with Doctor Who Experience writer Joseph Lidster:

‘I want every visitor to feel how every companion feels on the day the Doctor comes crashing into their lives.’

[He] has brought us closer to the worlds of some of our favourite TV shows as the writer of John Watson’s and Martha Jones’s blogs. Now he’s helped to re-imagine Cardiff’s Doctor Who Experience, taking it from an interactive attraction to a fully immersive adventure.

Read our interview with him on the (Re)Gen blog and get a look at what’s inside the Experience!

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 A serious message from (Re)Gen co-showrunners Oni and Harknell:

Harknell and I are viscerally saddened by Leelah Alcorn’s passing. One thing we have always personally believed in is that community and support is supremely important – to everyone. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you believe – you are important to us. You are welcome with us. Our community believes in doing right by all of you.

From the beginning we set forth to create fandom events that would welcome everyone – all genders – all beliefs. Many life experiences have informed us ranging from our personal struggles in not fitting in when growing up to our observations today.

We don’t believe that people have to even hold the same beliefs as us. We believe that there is value in everyone’s opinion. We all want the same thing – shelter, love, food, and happiness. We are all not as different as one may think.

If our work helps just 1 more person get through hard times and find their support structure then all of the hardship and financial outlay we have faced to create welcoming events is worth it to us. This is why we try and keep our Friday schedules lighter and more fun such that the attendees are free to find their community with us before all of the convention begins.

This is why…Click here to read more.

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 Early look: Disney Dooney and Bourke Star Wars RunDisney purses

Disney is doing a limited release of Star Wars Dooney and Bourke purses that you can only get if you are participating in a RunDisney event. It looks like they are all in Disneyland in California.

You can also score one through a personal shopper on Disney purse communities such as this. Let’s just hope that they’ve fixed the recent quality issues that have plagued these purses. I’ve contacted Disney and Dooney about this and they’ve not been helpful.

Dooney & Burke Shopper:
$321.84** per purse

star wars shopper

Dooney & Bourke Satchel:
$289.44** per purse

star wars satchel

Dooney & Bourke Crossbody:
$203.04** per purse

star wars purse

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 Wappingers Falls , NY: Kevin McCurdy’s Holiday Spirit Festival 2014 review

You might recall my review of Kevin McCurdy’s Haunted Mansion this past year. Located a mere 30 minutes away from Headless Horseman Hayrides / A Frosty Fest, these guys also flip their attractions into a holiday festival.

Kevin McCurdy’s Holiday Spirit Festival is also a Can’t Miss show.

They have a Christmas Village and Train Display, a Winter Wonderland walkthrough of decorations, and of course a meet and greet with Santa himself.

The Haunted Mansion itself is totally redone into Santa’s Week Before Christmas and London After Midnight is redone into A Dickens Tale.

The entire event was amazing. They totally exceeded my expectations in the typical way that one of Kevin McCurdy’s projects accomplishes this. One big thing with these guys is that their sense of humor and attention to detail with regarding to the execution of their work is what sets them apart.

Santa’s Week Before Christmas was interactive, funny, and it hit the right notes to entertain both kids and adults over 30 like ourselves. If that was all they had offered I would have been happy, but they actually outdid themselves with A Dickens Tale. You get to enter London at Christmas and take part in the Christmas Carol story in a way that was so funny that I was actually laughing out loud. The actors in here are absolutely phenomenal and clearly love their jobs.

The walkthroughs were very cute and well done. The stage show was also amusing. They have refreshments such as Hot Chocolate available and costumed characters walking around. I didn’t take any photos inside the closed attractions, but I do have some of the outside decor so you can get an idea of the general atmosphere, but I’m afraid these photos do not do this wonderful event justice:





DO THIS ONE. Seriously. Bring the entire family and take in the art and humor. Because everything here is built by hand the props and gags inside the attractions are unique. I have nothing negative to say about this. Thy are just 30 minutes away from A Frosty Fest (Headless Horseman) so the NY Ulster Park/ Wappingers Falls area is suitable for a weekend destination of fun.

Tickets are $12 for adults and $8.00 for children ages 2-11. The event runs on December 19 (today),20,21,23 26,27

Hours are:
Friday 6:00-9:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday 4:30 – 9:00 pm
December 23rd 6-8:30pm
Tickets are sold until a half hour before closing.

Click here for more information.

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