Kissimmee and Orlando Haunted Attractions: Orlando Zombie Ball by Old Town’s Legends Dark Amusements TODAY

“Legends is excited to be creating a “haunt zone” for the Orlando Weekly Zombie Ball…Wednesday, October 22. The Orlando Weekly is currently offering a $5.00 discount on tickets for the ball to Legends fans. To take advantage of the discount, use the code “Legends” when buying your tickets online.”

legends kissimmee

Get tix here.“\


 More Press and an update from the middle of the #OniHaunts 2014 tour


I think I both fail and win at the same time. I don’t know.

This weekend I got to go to the Jefferson Township Haunted House. This event is 2 days only. Today (10/19) is the last day so if you are in NJ you should go and check it out. I got to meet some of the most positive kids who were working here. It was such an honor. I will write up a review ASAP.

My article about “Extreme Haunted Houses” (WARNING: Bloody pic at that link) was picked up by the awesome folks over at Boing Boing and was the top read post of the day.

Then Vincent Price’s grandson shared my Vincent Price meme that I made:


I was on TALK 910 San Francisco talking about…you guessed it…haunted houses. I am going to try and get some audio of that ASAP.
UPDATE: Here’s the link to the interview: https://player.fm/series/gil-gross-16552/gil-gross-10-16-14-hr3

I was also on FOX News Red Eye. Or at least my blog was the quoted expert for the discussion of Extreme Haunted Houses. Thanks to Emile for sending this in. I will try and get a better copy posted up ASAP. Thanks to Greg Gutfield, Andy Levy, and Joanne Nosuchinsky for this opportunity!

This coming week I will taping a segment on at least 1 major news show about haunted houses in New Jersey. I’ll keep you updated.

I also have more reviews coming such as Haunted Scarehouse in Wharton, NJ. Tonight I’ll be going to Brighton Asylum in Passaic, NJ. I need to make a decision on if I can do my run out to the midwest this year without impacting my day job.

Thank you all so much for your support. It’s because of your readership that I am able to continue to elevate haunted attractions in the way that you see on this site. The more fun we have in our world the more that people come together and the more good things happen. I have seen that in every aspect of what I do – whether it be haunted attractions, my family-friendly art and tech festival, or my Doctor Who convention.

When haunt season is over I will be digging deeper into the creative aspect of haunts and looking for stories to share and cool things that you should check out. Don’t forget to bookmark here and check back after November. I will be busy working on (Re)Generation Who Doctor Who Convention in MD and letting you backstage into the odd land that is my adult life, but I will still be bringing the spooky.


 Kissimmee, Florida Haunted Attractions: Old Town Halloween

Kissimmee, Florida’s Old Town is just 10 minutes away from Walt Disney World. Not only do they have a great year-round haunted house but they have a Halloween festival done by the same people who do the haunted house that is worth your time.

EDIT: This festival is FREE. Admission to the haunted house itself is just $15.00.

old town halloween



 “America Haunted” haunted house scam? Website allegedly selling tickets on Groupon to haunted attractions that don’t exist

I just received a disturbing tip that a website called America Haunted is selling tickets on Groupon to haunted houses that do not exist.


“America Is Haunted is a night time experience designed to take you back to the fright-filled state Halloween should be. With more than 42 locations around the country we have built a two-year track record of sold out haunts! Our unique combination of eccentric gory entertainment draws tens of thousands in revellers annually.”

I kind of know a thing or 2 about haunted houses – and I have never heard of them or any of these haunts. I looked on the alleged scammer’s website and tried to verify the haunted attractions where I live in NJ and NY. I also did my second “home” of FL and every other place that I tour. I could not verify any of them to be legitimate. A reader let me know that one of the ones in Miami certainly is the address of a gravel refinery where they is no haunted attraction. Another told me one address was an abandoned building.

Remember to always google the haunted attraction before giving anyone any money. I am disappointed in Groupon for allowing this and hope that if anyone bought these tickets that they can get their money back. I have had a negative opinion of Groupon and this seals the deal on that.

EDIT: Many have written in saying that these are all addresses of building that are currently up for lease. Faaaaaabulous. :/


 New York City Haunted Attractions: Nightmare New York 2014 review – Urban Legends

Nightmare NYC is one of the most unique haunted attractions that I know of. They do a show that is more theatrical than most. This haunted attraction is not your standard boogity boogity chainsaw chase – and that’s precisely what I like about it. When you go to Nightmare NYC the entire point is to watch, listen, and participate.


Nightmare NYC is the one place that I can count on every year to do something different in a sea of haunted attractions who are doing the same stuff. They are risk-takers. I will always be amused. It takes talent to make a haunted house. It take even more talent to do one that no one else is doing.

Literally no one else is doing this because the entire thing is custom. You will not find animatronics in here bought at the haunt show that I see in everyone’s haunt like a copy paste.

This year the show was based on NYC’s Urban Legends.

You’ll get to navigate the NYC of the 70s. You know, when stuff was batshit loco. You’ll get to meet other urban legends like Typhoid Mary but it’s all within a NYC theme. The alligators in the sewer, the rat king and mole people, a crack house, and a very intense performance on a recreation of a NYC subway. The subway car is truly one of the best pieces of acting I have ever seen in a Halloween seasonal attraction. Ever.

Also this may be the only haunted attraction that I know of with boobs in it. This is NYC in the 70s so there’s swearing, boobs, and butts and everything. It wouldn’t seem right without it.

Most importantly they fixed the sound issues that I had had problems with in past years. You can now hear everything people are saying clearly. This was such an improvement to the show that I felt that this may have been their best year yet as far as theatrical execution. I did feel that the finale lacked some punch this year, especially when compared to the finales they had in the past years where it devolved into a chaotic chase, but it was still fine.

In previous years if you opted in to being touched you could be called upon to perform a task, get put in a box, or something similar. I felt that the interaction level was a bit lower than in previous years. We only saw 1 person in our group get grabbed twice.

This year it felt like Nightmare NYC was pushing toward a more traditional haunt in certain aspects. My fear is that they are listening to their detractors who are pushing for conformity.

I actually think that, much like my own work, Nightmare is best as the odd mofo that does different stuff. I wonder if perhaps it would be creatively freeing to them to go the way of The Steampunk Haunted House (now year-’round and called Then She Fell) and break away from the haunted house concept by elevating it into its own genre. Still be a haunted house structure – even call it that – but release some marketing tag line that indicates that this is an immersive theater haunted house and not “boogity boogity chainsaw chase” Take away the pressure to conform, embrace what they do well that no one else does, still be a haunted house show, but change the conversation so that traditional haunt fans know what they are getting into and are educated on the beauty of it.

From where I am sitting it’s phenomenally refreshing to go to a haunted attraction that takes so much work and care to creating literally everything from the ground up. If you appreciate immersive theater and people who make stuff that is unique and remarkable you should definitely do this one. Every year Nightmare NYC never fails to impress me with their ingenuity and conceptual execution.

Nightmare NYC is $30 online, $35 at the door. VIP tickets are $50 online, $60 at door. Student Rush tickets are $20, valid 1 hour prior to listed start times only. Details are here.

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