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 Pittsburgh Haunted Attractions: The Scarehouse Basement opens for one day only this Saturday, July 19th

Pittsburgh’s Scarehouse haunted attraction opens The Basement for 1 night only this Saturday, July 19th. The event is called “Hooded in the Basement”.

Limited tickets are available. You can read my haunted attraction review of their 2013 regular show here in which I found it to be surprisingly well-done and good, but it’s not for everyone. For example, I was OK, Harknell did not go in and should not have gone in. :)


 Mortal Kombat 1 – Elizabeth Malecki and Daniel Pesina on GameMasters (Behind the Scenes) (1993)

I found a cool special featuring some of the original Mortal Kombat actors:


 Marvel Comics: Thor is a woman and here is what I think

Marvel announced on The View that the new Thor is going to be a woman.

They say that, “…this new Thor was saved by her predecessor, the former male Thor, who is no longer worthy to wield Mjolnir.” Here is what she looks like:

I like the idea of a female superhero who doesn’t need 2 clowns on a unicycle holding up each pendulous boob from -9.8 m/s. I mean come ON. I usually only need half a clown on a motorcycle, personally.

The costume design is great. The concept is great. This is a step in the right direction.

I just don’t understand a few things. Why on EARTH did they think The View was the target audience for this? My impression of The View is that the women on that show have more in common with the ass end of a carousel horse than anyone who would ever go within 50 feet of a comics shop. I get that Marvel is owned by Disney and their typical Marketing song and dance involves marketing exclusively to conservative Moms (some of which watch this show) but I just don’t think that’s the demographic for this one. Sorry.

I also don’t understand why they have to take a classic superhero away from his fans in order to add a (hopefully) competent female. Way to perpetuate the myth that anyone with a vagina doing well takes something about from the penis farm, Marvel. Not cool.

I’d rather see this character added in without anything taken away because that’s the lesson, isn’t it? Women doing well don’t take shit away from men. We are all people. The only thing that should matter is if you can do the job. The better I do in life the more men AND women that I get to party with, to be honest.

That’s all it comes down to, right? “Can you do the job?” Not “You can only have 1″ like some sort of billygoat fight over who pooped last.

EDIT: Another thought – Perhaps this was done because they aren’t confident in creating a new character – much like bands that are forced to cover songs because of dollars and cents. If that’s the case I am afraid of it setting them up for failure. Not only does the character have to overcome gender bias but also overcome the impossible-to-overcome level of hatred from people who lost their favorite superhero.

My fear is that the inevitable anger from long term Thor fans are just going to work against this character – thus allowing a shortsighted executive to justify saying that people “don’t want” great female superheroes. She will never be judged on her own merits and she can never match up to a character that has been around and loved for so long. Much like Nightwish’s first replacement singer for Tarja Turunen, she doesn’t have a chance. She’s new and the shadow of the past is too big.

I hope that this fear (rooted in my lack of confidence in corporate entities to commit to long term strategy) is unfounded and that she becomes a long term character!

It could maybe be summed up in one sentence:

TL; DR: Awesome idea and concept but I am scared that the execution opens it up to a backlash that can be used against her.


 Bad times mean that you just have to work harder but it’s worth it

Geez. I’ve had 3+ weeks of awful. First I got informed that I had something growing inside my thyroid. Then Harknell was in the ER, then his Mom was in critical condition in the hospital and then his best friend was in the ER. I finish what is hopefully the last of my tests tomorrow to find out WTF is up with me. During all of this and while working full time jobs we still managed to launch a big Doctor Who convention in Maryland with Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy. Thanks to Harknell for doing some of this work from the god damn ER!! Geez.

I am sorry that I have been making less blog/art stuff for a few weeks. It’s been…a time.

We also brought home a lot of loose ends for the planning of Intervention: The Premier Showcase of Online Creativity. That’s my first convention which takes place for the 5th time this Aug. 22-24 in Rockville, MD. We still need your help with registrations and donations to fund us. We are not a big company. We are just a husband and a wife with lots of great volunteers hwo believe in the idea.

We need you to check it out and/or donate and let us send you swag, it would go a long way to helping us bring knowledge to everyone. Your contributions directly help. For example, we just sold 2 ads for our con book that decrease the amount I personally have to pay to get the con books printed.

(Want an ad? Hook it up here. Now. Publication deadline is soon.)

I plan to do at least 1 major talk on marketing for indie artists/authors/artists.

This is NOT a final draft because idk how many Q&As I can do in one weekend while running the con, but it will go something like this:

Oni’s Secrets to Real Marketing for Real People:

Oni Hartstein has been making art since 2003 and blogging since 2006. Her blog has over 6000 unique readers per day and is well-known for it’s excellent coverage of haunted attractions. From this platform she designed, built, and manages both InterventionCon and (Re)Generation Who from the ground up. She’s been featured on Wired, The Washington Post, CNN, and a ton of other places. During the day she manages over 3 million dollars in marketing campaigns – a job she got because of the first part of this paragraph.

This is an informal discussion where she talks about everything she did to get to where she is and how you can use the same techniques on your own business. There will be no buzzwords or scenarios that you have to be a lucky fairy princess to achieve. Real Talk. Nothing is held back. Attendees OF THIS PANEL ONLY can book a 10 minute Q&A to get feedback and pointers about your specific small business needs at any time by signing up at con ops. Spaces are limited. Yes it’s free because you already paid to get into the con. Thank you for that. You rock. You are why we can offer this.

Intervention is all about Intervening and Inspiring everyoen who attends. A fun weekend where you can learn or share what you love with the community. So many great projects came out of it – one of which is my Doctor Who convention, but there are hundreds more.

I’d by lying if I said things were easy, but that means that I have to just work harder to make things the best. Too many people get frustrated and get bitter over setbacks. That’s some weak shit.

My experiment about just doing the right thing even at my own expense seems to be working. Someone could kick me in the vagina and I would still be fair about hitting them over the head with a chair.

And soon, it will be Haunted Attraction Review season. Yeaaaaa.


 From Dusk Till Dawn Comes to Halloween Horror Nights 24

Yay, Haunted Attraction season is almost here. :D

I have to admit that I had no idea that From Dusk ‘Till Dawn had been made into a TV series – but I don’t actually get TV in my apartment so I am no indicator. :) I am excited for haunt season…and glad that this isn’t another Walking Dead tie in. :)

Check Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights (Orlando, Florida and Hollywood, California) out here.

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