(Re)Generation Who’s hotel is almost sold out – register now!

OK, cool. My con’s hotel is almost sold out.

Yes. The (Re)Generation Who hotel only has a few King Rooms left.

We are approaching full hotel sell out. If you don’t want to have to commute from another local hotel you need to register and get your room now.

And what does that tell you about the con itself? Yeah. Sales are BRISK! You’d better register fast!

Remember, you only have until Feb 14 to order a ReGen exclusive Tom Baker autograph. This is available to pre-registered attendees only as Mr. Baker is making a limited number them to order for the con. You can add this option when you register. Of you have already registered you can add this option. We are here all the time to assist you as well.



 Good Metal: LORDI – Scare Force One

Lets talk about horror metal. Oh hey, Lordi has a new album out. Yeah, horror metal:


 What’s going on?

I have a lot more haunted attraction reviews and posts. We just learned that a close friend has passed away suddenly so it had delayed us a little bit. There are also some other really awful and heavy things that we have to deal with.

Thank you guys for reading and supporting my site. I feel that I can begin writing again tonight. Sorry for those who submitted guest posts. I am getting to those this weekend.

I will be speaking about (Re)Generation Who at Long Island Doctor Who on Saturday at noon. If you will be at this convention please come and say hello. I’ll have small treats for the first several people who introduce themselves to me.

I will be dressed like a dalek and accompanied by a bald man.


 Archie McPhee Lucky Cat Skull Teapot puts the cat into the sugar skull

Thanks to Dusti for posting this cuteness:


$24.95 at Archie McPhee.



 Comedy heavy metal band Psychostick and Tom Rockwell play in Trenton, NJ on Nov 11

Friend and geek musician Devo Spice / Tom Rockwell is opening for comedy heavy metal band Psychostick in 2 weeks at The Championship Bar in Trenton, New Jersey on the November 11. Check out his music here.



The show will also feature Downtown Brown and FunGoneWrong.

Get your tickets here.

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