NEW STUFF: New Doctor Who podcast, new Marketing and Life Coach blog focus for 2017

Hi all –

You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting as much as I had before here. There are a few reasons for this.

I have been very busy working on my conventions that my organization, Onezumi Events does in addition to my full time freelance work. You guys know this. It’s also taken a bit longer than I expected – nearly a full year for me to get back to my normal ability to work in Overdrive Mode (my normal state of being) after my eye surgery. It’s impossible to handle everything that I do without being in Overdrive Mode.

I don’t want to go into detail because frankly I am tired of dealing with it, but I’ll just leave it as I may have finally as of 2 weeks ago figured out how to exist with glasses AND contact lenses. It’s pretty annoying to try and life your life when you feel like you have been slapped in the head because your brain can’t decipher what’s going on randomly when you change your eye wear. But I have it now.

I produced over 10 pieces of art in less than a week and for 2 weeks have had no trouble doing what I used to do before I went super blind – but even easier. I did over 47 hours of marketing research and fun with social media data in addition to my day job in another week. So I think it’s say to say that I am back to normal but better. Here is a sampling of only some of the stuff that I’ve been quietly working on behind the scenes:


- Our new (Re)Generation Who Podcast / VideoCast! This will have a launch date quite soon. If you are a Doctor Who fan, you really need to subscribe to our YouTube channel now so that you don’t miss out on the launch. Reviews, celebrity interviews, discussions, and spotlights on Doctor Who projects that you may not know about but need to know about will be here. Hosted by me and featuring recurring co-hosts and yes – even actors from the Doctor Who TV series will be involved. You are gonna love this.

- OnezumiVerse changes: It’s become clear to me that for over 10 years people have been asking me to help them with their lives and careers. You’ll see posts showing up here before 2017 that are Life Coach / Marketing Coach / Tech Review-oriented, like this awesome iPhone case review.

That’s because I am in real life an highly-acclaimed Marketing Manager / Strategist / Whatever you want to call it who really REALLY optimizes / hacks her life so that she can be a high performer. Basically I run shit on Beast Mode and I’ve got the scars to prove it. I’ll be sharing how I managed to get from being so poor that I had to eat out of trash cans to this level – and I’ll share all of my Un-glamorous mistakes so you can avoid those. Hopefully I can help some people better themselves in the same way that I did. This is what a large part of this blog will be in 2017.

You won’t lose the me you’ve come to know.

The Haunted House reviews and all of the popular features are staying, but this blog needs a tighter focus in order for me to remain interested in blogging here.

REAL TALK: I have done theme parks over and over so much that there’s not much interest remaining for me on that topic. I have never had any desire to be a theme park news site and I can’t possibly compete with folks who live in Orlando and get inside tips from their friends who work there before it’s made public.

My Thing has always been my unique voice. I have no desire to just post links to press releases or speculate about roller coaster rumors. Other people do that far better than I ever could.

In order for me to do anything I feel that I must always answer the question, “Do I enjoy this and can I do this better than anyone else? Do I have something to offer that no one else can?”

Well, the things that I do the best are:

1. Running Conventions

2. Marketing and Life Coaching that is accessible for everyone regardless of your economic background

I also kinda rock the haunted house reviews.

Judging by today’s political climate I think this is needed more than ever before. I’ve been considering it for over 10 years because I get so many requests for it. This all started because I got so many questions from my friends that I figured I would just put them online so I don’t have to keep re answering the same questions 8x a week. I’ve started a Facebook group for this on the down low and people are already joining before I’ve released anything.

This is going to be amazing and I think it’s going to help a lot of people. Feel free to email me from the top nav bar on this site to submit a question. I may answer it here in this series.

Thanks to everyone who has followed me since I started building this in 2003. I’ve never been great at focusing on 1 topic, but I finally found 1 topic that I can bring a hell of a lot of unique value to and make endless good content about.

Oh, and I’m also getting ready to open my art shop up again.

In 2017 you will get me, but better. Thank you so much for being there while I went through what ended up being the most bizarre and life-changing year ever. Please pardon our dust here while I prepare for the amazing year ahead!

You guys are the best!

Oni Harstein is an New Jersey-based entrepreneur that is obsessed with Marketing, Art, and Technology. Please direct all business inquiries or technology review requests to the "Contact" tab on the top nav bar.

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 Busch Gardens Williamsburg Christmas Town 2016: “Miracles”

This review is a guest post by Kara Dennison.

One of the cool things about Busch Gardens is, if you’re bad at keeping track of time (like I am), sometimes you get surprise shows. My family had gathered for dinner at Marco Polo’s Marketplace during the opening night of Christmas Town 2016, and we were rather pleasantly surprised to see a show start up in front of us… which kept us in our seats longer than any of us had been planning.

For those who don’t know, Marco Polo is a sort of multicultural food court with Italian, Mediterranean, and Asian food, which is now attached to Il Teatro di San Marco. That particular theatre, located in Italy, is known for more elaborate sets and effects than one usually gets at a stage in the park attached to an eatery — likely because the performance space is isolated enough that there’s no worry of confetti getting in your food.

"Miracles" at Il Teatro di San Marco

©2016 SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, Inc.

“Miracles” is an interesting addition to BGW’s Christmas show line-up, because other than a mention of Christmas at the end, there’s very little that makes it directly seasonally-branded.  You’ve got “Scrooge No More” in England, you’ve got “Gloria” in Ireland — handling multiple facets of the holiday, but both unmistakably themed to it. “Miracles” goes a different route. While you will hear a brief mention of the holiday and see what are definitely Christmas trees on the set, this is more a broadly uplifting, inspirational show. There’s talk of unity, love, family and friendship. There’s a performance of “Angels Among Us.” But it falls fairly solidly into the category of “uplifting”… yet and at the same time, seasonally so.

©2016 SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, Inc.

©2016 SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, Inc.

There were four female singers who would trade off solos and four-part harmonies throughout the show. The rest were dancers, with two notable female lead dancers — a sort of fairy snow queen in a sparkling, traditional costume, and the ingenue of the piece, who was in the same all-white ensemble as the rest of the dancers but notably smaller and coded younger. There was no “story” to speak of. Each segment might have its own vague plot to it: a boy and a girl lost in a forest and watched over by an angel, three girls playing tag on the ice, and the like. But this was knowingly an assortment of show pieces.

The costumes were actually quite nice. As mentioned, they were all white, but they weren’t uniform. Sitting close enough showed you that the dancers were in a wide array of wintry clothes. The ladies all had flowing skirts, but paired off with jackets, sweaters, blouses, leg warmers, and the like. The male dancers had an equal amount of variety. Everything there could likely have been store bought, but the decision to have multiple monochrome-yet-unique pure white ensembles kept things unified without running the risk of looking “strict”. It kept the production feeling very real and very human, where matching costumes might have made it lose the human touch it was going for.

©2016 SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, Inc.

©2016 SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, Inc.


The staging was overall good, with a mix of traditional and contemporary dance styles. The “contemporary” veered towards the playful rather than the postmodern, which was nice. There was some very creative choreography, but some of it could only be appreciated from straight-on (my group was seated stage right). Most of the choreography avoided this, but there were a handful of moves that were clearly gorgeous from head-on but couldn’t be salvaged from off-side. In spite of this, the majority of the production made good use of the expanse of stage, sending the singers and dancers to all corners and engaging as much of the audience as possible.

My one complaint is an “on the night” one, and not a complaint so much as a minor issue — one of the singers’ microphones was glitching on and off constantly towards the end. A shame, as she had a beautiful voice (all of them did). Overall, minus that one issue, the whole production looked well put together, which is good considering this choreography involves a lot of trust-jumping.

“Miracles” is very sweet, very pretty, and very uplifting. Someone a bit more cynical might tire of it early on, but it’s very much “good and pure,” no sarcasm implied. It’s just… nice. It’s people singing happy songs about caring about each other and believing in miracles and there’s confetti and shiny things and sometimes we need a little of that in our lives.

“Miracles” plays at select times at Il Teatro di San Marco during the entire run of Christmas Town. Admission is free, but reserved seating can be purchased on the event website.


 Tech Review: Catalyst waterproof iPhone case is what I use now instead of Lifeproof

Remember when I blogged that my Lifeproof case fell apart quickly and was a pain to use? Well if you missed that you can review that here. Catalyst contacted me and graciously sent me a case to review. I’ve been using it for like a month now so I can confidently tell you how it’s holding up.

Holy crap, you need this.

They make them for all sizes of iPhone. Mine happens to be the 5s, which is also the same size as the SE.


GUYS. This Catalyst case is literally the best iPhone case I have ever used in my life. It’s sleek, waterproof, drop proof, easy to put on and take off, and doesn’t make the workflow of listening to music annoying. I’ve been searching for over a month to figure out if it had any problems but I can’t find any.

The case itself feels like it’s a much more durable material than you’d normally see. The stress point of the volume/mute switch is handled by a sturdy plastic knob that you can turn. The volume buttons itself are covered with high quality rubber. You can see that in this picture:


The bottom of the phone has a molded rubber part that kind of acts like a cork. So you don’t need a special adapter for your headphones that you’ll inevitably lose. You can just use your regular headphones. My audio cable in my car was too wide for it because I bought a big one, but for like $6 I bought an adapter just for my car’s audio cable that always stays in my car, never gets removed, and doesn’t get lost. Now it’s seamless from walking and listening to driving and listening.

Considering I listen to music almost all the time that’s a big concern for me. :D

Below you can see the headphones on the left, the power charger in the center and a lanyard attachment on the right. YEAH I SAID IT finally someone got intelligent and gave us a lanyard attachment! ALL CAPS I HAVE WANTED THIS SINCE THE IPHONE CAME OUT. Literally everyone in Japan is probably flipping out right now – and everyone else who likes to collect cell phone charms:


I seriously was way too excited about this lanyard attachment. :D


I was skeptical at first because I’ve been through several cases and never found one that I liked but in my opinion Catapyst makes the best iPhone cases I’ve ever tried – so much that I gave away the case I had puchased for myself when my LifeProof broke. If you want a sleek, waterproof, drop proof case that is easy to use and easy to put on and take off Catalyst is where you need to go.

- Waterproof
- Drop Proof
- Easy to put on / take off
- Easy to use / durable volume buttons
- No adapters needed to use your headphones
- After a month it’s holding up very nicely.
- Great removable lanyard feature

- If you have a fat audio cable in your car you’ll need a $6 adapter for your car, but that’s really not a big deal whatsoever.

Catalyst has my highest recommendation. If I had known about them I would have purchased this on my own. My husband was thinking of letting my have his bigger phone but I turned it down solely because I like the case on this phone too much and don’t want to part with it. These guys should be the #1 purchased iPhone case in the world. They are that good.

You need this. Click here to get more info about it. I am not being paid to say this.

Oni Harstein is an New Jersey-based entrepreneur that is obsessed with Marketing, Art, and Technology. Please direct all business inquiries or technology review requests to the "Contact" tab on the top nav bar.

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 BUSCH GARDENS WILLIAMSBURG: BGW Announces Variable Pricing for Christmas Town 2016!


This is a guest post by Kara Dennison.

So it probably goes without saying that myself and everyone else who writes for the Onezumiverse site is thrilled for Christmas Town this year. And yeah, I’m trying to keep the hype at least slightly at bay until Halloween has passed, but there’s no denying it’s a big deal every year. With eight million lights lighting the park up after dark, Ghirardelli hot chocolate stands every few feet, and festive shows and music to excite even the Scroogiest member of your party, Christmas Town is catnip to a holiday fiend like myself.

Plus, with their new pricing system, it pays (literally) to get a jump on the season this year.

This week, Busch Gardens Williamsburg announced that they will be doing flexible pricing for this year’s Christmas Town event. Starting November 1, visitors will be able to purchase tickets to the park for as low as $16. No, seriously. Yes, that is a 55% discount off the already low at-gate price of $38. Yeah, I thought it was a typo, too. But this year, the sooner you buy, the less you pay. That means more money in your pocket to pick up Christmas presents at the park — or some seasonal snacks for yourself.

Oh, and they’re really going to have us working hard to cover all the coolness this season. Not only are they currently boasting more lights than any holiday event in North America, they’re adding more to the festivities. They’ll beopening Tempesto to riders during the event, making two roller coasters you can experience during Christmas Town. Sesame Street® Forest of Fun will be decked out for the season. And they’ll be opening Rudolph’s Winter Wonderland, where you can meet Rudolph the Red-Noised Reindeer and his friends.

We’re really going to have our work cut out for us this year, Oni. Are you ready?

Christmas Town runs on select days from November 25th, 2016 to January 2nd, 2017. Visit their website to find out more and start picking up tickets at the beginning of November.


 Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania Haunted Attractions: Hotel of Horror / Altered Nightmares 2016 Review

Let’s just cut to the Real Talk. Hotel of Horror and Altered Nightmares are back this year and they are in fabulous form. They made several changes to their haunts this year and the actors are giving the great performances that these haunts are famous for. A large part of these attractions have been redone. There are completely new rooms. Pre-existing rooms have been totally re-staged. New pathways have been created. Much of what you know from the last 2 years is different.

I know that the first question I am going to get is “How does it compare to last year?” This year’s show is several levels above and beyond their show last year. If you didn’t go last year or were thinking of sitting this year out you should re think your life choices. This is the year to go. Let’s talk about what’s going on this year and why that’s the case.

Hotel of Horror’s theme this year is Judgment Day. “Be witness to medical mishaps injustices and their consequences.” For example, this guy:



Altered Nightmares theme this year is Dark Magic. “Visit a world where spells and curses rule the kingdom.”


I am not going to give away the surprises or tell you what rooms are totally new and how the pathways were redone. Both attractions are more intense and more focused than last year with a higher skill level displayed by all of their actors. And no – they didn’t really know I was coming. I swooped in quickly and paid to go this year because my schedule and mental ability to handle advance organization got eaten by Hurricane Matthew.

I loved almost everything that I saw in both attractions. Most of the actors were on their game this year. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that a very small number of new actors were relying on only pop n scare. 1 used words such that I thought his room would be a theatrical room. When we paid attention to him thinking that there was more he didn’t have more. Some of the newer folks weren’t tag-teaming with their neighbors in the other rooms so in very small places the flow seemed a bit inconsistent, but these instances are few and far between.

It should be noted that I am holding these guys to a higher scare actor bar than I would hold other attractions to because their strength has always been the diversity and improv of their actors. It’s almost kind of silly to say because the staging and layout of both haunts is also A+. The key is that their actors are what makes these guys unique on a national scale in my personal opinion. There is a lot of good work out there. These guys have the most unique scare actors who are allowed to customize their rooms and create their own story for you while they will also scare you. Most haunts don’t put much time into this. This is art. Seriously. This is a completely unique point of view that could only come from Hotel of Horror and Altered Nightmares.

Both attraction are top tier and consistent favorites of mine. All of the actors that I noticed weren’t as developed were new, so of course that is to be expected. I know that as they work at this haunt they will learn the improv. I am already hearing reports that the skill level has improved with the new folks every weekend from some of my friends who have gone on their own a couple times.

This place is a true delight. Snort Gore was wandering around the front, which is always one of my favorite sights to see.

Snort Gore

How can you resist that face?

AS USUAL I have to call out one thing that is way beyond anything else you will see on a national stage. And that is this guy in Altered Nightmares:


Not every scare actor will ACTUALLY LEARN JAPANESE over the course of 2 years in preparation for a scare actor role. Anthony HoH did. The sheer amount of preparation, accuracy, and devotion to the craft demonstrated in just this 1 Altered Nightmares room blows away everything else I have ever seen in my writing career. To make it even more impressive, I was an Asian Studies student who was conversationally fluent in Japanese. I still understand Japanese. I could easily understand him. He was so good that I was surprised. My Japanese ended up being bad and heavily accented American – because WTF I did not expect that. This is a culturally accurate kabuki character.

This is Toukatsu:

I often say that Netherworld is worth a plane trip. Eastern PA is also worth a plane trip. Here you have Hotel of Horror, Halls of Horror, Field of Screams, and The Freak and Funhouse all within close distance of each other so that you can make a weekend of it. (Use my reviews here to plan.)

This year Hotel of Horror and Altered Nightmares pulled off a tremendous triumph that brings them back to what they were most strongest in. The attractions are great and so are the scare actors in only the way that this particular group can achieve. Toukatsu is worth a plane trip on his own even if you see nothing else. I can’t guarantee you that this character will be here next year so you really should call out of work, sell your arm or kidneys or whatever if you have to and DO THIS ONE.

Oni Harstein is an New Jersey-based entrepreneur that is obsessed with Marketing, Art, and Technology. Please direct all business inquiries or technology review requests to the "Contact" tab on the top nav bar.

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