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Oni’s Bio


Photo by Pure Shift Productions
Photo by Pure Shift Productions

Oni is a professional marketing expert that likes Rock Music, Metal Music, and lives in Los Angeles. Since you clicked on this page you probably want more so:

Long Bio:

Oni Hartstein’s message is, “It doesn’t matter what happened to you, it matters how far you’ve come.” She was born legally blind didn’t have the easiest beginning, but it informed her world view and drive for excellence. In her early years she worked at both the library and as a professional MMA fighter and instructor where she founded the first self-defense program for women at that school and the first self-defense class for strippers.

She went on to pay her own way through college and then built a career as a freelance artist and marketing technology expert frequently seen speaking at events in the northeast of America.

Today she is an elite marketing professional and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles and, thanks to surgeries in early 2016, has been given 20/25 vision for the first time. She is the founder of Onezumi Events, which was crowdfunded from her strong internet following. OE is best known for producing the following major events in Maryland, USA:

(Re)Generation Who: The Doctor Who Convention for Every Generation
PotterVerse: Baltimore’s Harry Potter Fan Convention
Intervention: The Intersection of Sci Fi, Fantasy, and Future Media

All of Oni’s events are rooted in inclusiveness of all genders and cultures as well as empowering artists and musicians. Oni is an expert and leader when it comes to building and marketing emotionally-resonant creative communities and businesses from the ground up with minimal or no resources.

She is a sought-after freelance marketing professional and speaker on the topics of Marketing, Crowdfunding, Event Production, and Art/Music. She excels at teaching and inspiring people from many different backgrounds and experiences, including those who may have experienced hardship in their lives. Her popular OnezumiVerse.com blog is focused on Rock Music, Metal Music, and Marketing.

Oni has been frequently featured in many places such as CNN, Wired, The Washington Post, The Baltimore Sun, and a ton of print, radio, and TV media. She drinks a lot of coffee and practices a lot of metal guitar. She believes that either “Escape from New York” or “Big Trouble in Little China” is the best Chick Flick ever.

You can hire her to consult on your project or speak at your event. Contact her to discuss the specifics.

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