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Please note: Many people ask me this so I must say it up front – I do not have the ability to work on your project, attend your event, teach a class, or do an initial conference call or Skype with you about your project for free. That is asking me to put my paid work on hold at a financial loss to me which I do not have the luxury of doing. Thank you for understanding.

That said, I would love to work with you. Send me an email at Onezumi at Onezumi dot com (please be as descriptive as you can about the requirements of the project and the budget) and and we can talk about it.

You can hire me to:

- Make art.
- Speak or teach a class.
- Be your consultant: I can work with you to help you define, market, and monetize your brand or run your event.

Art Commissions:

I often work with digital, acrylic, colored pencil, and inks. Some things that you can request are:

- Portraits or Blog Avatars: I love making people into Onezumi-style characters.
- Illustration: I can create great work for book covers, magazines, logos, and posters.
- Paintings: Acrylic paintings are more time-consuming but very fun and unique.
- Tattoo Design: If you are hardcore enough to get my work tattooed on you, I can certainly make that happen.
- Image Licensing: If you think my work would fit a project of yours, contact me and we’ll talk about licensing.

Please understand that I don’t do unpaid work.

Speaking Engagements:

I’ve been speaking about Comic Creation, New Media, and Internet Culture since 2003. I also love to hold workshops. Some of the topics I have done are:

- How to Make a Webcomic
- How to Market Your Webcomic
- DIY Events
- Women and Comics
- The Business of Comics
- Social Media and Marketing
- Photoshop and Art Demos
- Motivation for the Independent Artist

More information about my speaking experience can be found beneath my bio page here.


Have you ever thought that it might just make more sense to ask a working professional how to implement and manage your creative project or event? I can help you make better art and/or get a better web presence.

I have real experience making comics, art, and selling it.

I created my own convention from the ground up – including infrastructure, staffing, and training. I’ve received significant recognition for it by the media.

- I sought out, negotiated with, and integrated an almost unprecedented number of corporate sponsors for a first year fan event. The transparency, communication, and results I delivered inspired all of them to work with us again.

- The technological infrastructure used in Intervention is the most advanced and user friendly of any fandom convention – and we were the first to put it together. Our attendees had a high-end experience even though we had a small budget. Why? Because we know how to make things work.

I know innovation. I get things done. I do it with the highest standard of ethics. If you would like your business or event run like I run mine you can hire me as a consultant and I’ll bring the very same passion and integrity to your project – no matter how big or how small. From small artwork and websites to giant events – I can help you.

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