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Haunted Attraction Review: Flemington, New Jersey: Schaefer Farms Frightfest

Get Ready To Ride

Schaefer Farms Frightfest can be classified as a “family style” haunted attraction. It’s goal, as far as I could see, is not to be the most frightening, but to be a fun experience for the whole family. When I visited it on Oct. 1, 2017, the group I went with on the hayride was filled with teenagers, children, parents, and older people–so a good cross section of people. (and afterward I asked around and they all had a good time)

For my own personal filter, I tend toward liking haunts that have more scary set ups, or extensive visual settings / set pieces–but I have to say that I actually found myself having a good time going through Frightfest. They obviously know that they won’t be the scariest or most ornate (given what looks like a somewhat modest budget), so they tended toward comedy and other elements that were a hit with the crowd. Each stop on the hayride had their actors talking and interacting with the group–and they actually threw candy and other treats into the cart–something I can’t remember any other location doing–but is a great idea!

Time To Ride To Your Doom

The idea at Frightfest is you go on the hayride for quite a distance, with an actor on the ride who adlibs and provides context for the set pieces. I’d suggest they consider setting up a microphone system for the actor since it wasn’t always easy to hear them from the other side of the cart–but he did move around and include most people over the course of the evening. After riding for awhile you’re let off to walk through some areas, then return to the same cart for a bit more, then walk through a final area that’s more of a defined haunted house set up (the other areas are in the woods or a corn maze. They call this multiple attractions–but in reality they can’t be visited separately, so they are really just sub sections of one overall thing.

Like many other farm based attractions, please note that the walking paths can be quite challenging for anyone with walking issues–and even without issues, you’ll need to be careful not to trip or stumble in some parts–but this is the nature of being out in a real setting.

Get Your Treats, Then Get Chased

As this is a working farm, they also have a store on property–with many delicious looking items and things to buy–and not just Halloween related. Also, a “bonus” (at least to me) was the fact that they have a range of animals near the end of the attraction that are usually wandering around and would love to have you feed them:

The Deadly Emu and His Friends

Again, I normally shoot for more intense attractions–but I found myself having fun at Frightfest. If you want to dip your toes into going to a haunted attraction, or are unsure of how much intensity you can handle, these guys will be a good training wheels location to get you going.

2017, Halloween, Haunted Attractions, Horror, New Jersey, Oni Haunts, Reviews

Haunted Attraction Review: East Brunswick, New Jersey: Arcana Haunted Experience


I received an email announcement for a new haunted attraction in central New Jersey called “Arcana Haunted Experience” with an intriguing description: “New Jersey’s First and Only Fully Immersive Haunted Experience”–so of course I had to go and check it out. It was a bold statement–and left many questions as to what exactly would be found when going into the experience. Was it a theater performance? What made it “Fully Immersive”? Was it one of the “extreme” attractions that have popped up in recent years? Or maybe some kind of “escape room”? I didn’t know what to expect–and I was going on my own, so whatever it was I was going to get it all in my face.

So, what was it? Well, sort of a combination of all of the above.

First off, I went on their second day of operation–and as far as I can tell this is the first year of their existence. They seem to have grand plans for being a year round operation with new themes over time. This first time they are calling it “Mortuary”–with a back story involving a crazy mortician who decides to create his own clients. He is your adversary during your time in the attraction–and you keep hearing that he’s coming and you want to avoid him (cut to the chase: You obviously don’t avoid him).

The attraction is entirely contained within a building, so it’s available rain or shine–though the line and other elements are outside. I happened to arrive early and was immediately taken inside (literally–when the event started I was taken by the hand and escorted into the interior). It was then that it became obvious what they were shooting at–each room you enter is a separate experience and akin to an escape room in that you need to do something to move on to the next room. In my case this was a bit of a challenge, since I’m not very good at that sort of thing (which is why escape rooms are not something I normally go for). Also, Some of the rooms are actually supposed to be done with at least 2 people–so they needed to adapt things slightly for me solo.

As opposed to many escape rooms though, there were scare actors in the rooms that sometimes menaced you as you looked around–or helped when people like me were struggling. In between some of the rooms were “classic” scare areas where jump scares or other traditional haunted attraction elements would happen.

So, what did I think of it? I think it has great potential. As a first year, and literally first weekend of operation, it showed that they had some great ideas. It’s not completely fleshed out–and I would suggest they consider investing a bit more on set design between the rooms–but I liked it’s style and though it was a fun time. I also wonder how well it will work if they do get a big crowd, since things can easily hold up if one group is going really slowly since the concept is to not push people through until they figure out each room. And the solo idea isn’t exactly an expected flow.

If you like the idea of escape rooms, with a bit more menace and some scares–I think a trip to Arcana would be fun. It’s not a huge time investment and well worth the $20.

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Passaic, New Jersey Haunted Attractions: Brighton Asylum 2017 Review


I visited Brighton Asylum on it’s first operating day of the 2017 season. Brighton Asylum is located in North New Jersey in an industrial area–and that really sets the mood for the terror to come. I’ve visited Brighton Asylum with Oni in many past seasons, but this was my first solo trip, and I had a great time again.

As a side note: It’s often great to visit events very early in the season–for most people haunted attractions aren’t on their radar until close to Halloween–but if you go early you’ll have a great time with a shorter line to get in. With shorter lines they also tend to pulse entry to the attractions–so you’ll have a much more individualized experience and won’t have the pressure of people in front or back of you in the attraction spoiling things. Just a tip for the those wanting to get a great experience.

Brighton has provided a great experience in the past (2015 review), and this year was no different. One of the new additions for this year was breaking up their attraction into 2 sections–each with their own entrance: The Tunnel, and Brighton Asylum. While in some cases this would lead to making things just 2 shorter experiences–in this case both walk throughs seemed longer than the original it was split from (so, basically, they carved off the section that was The Tunnel portion and made it into it’s own long attraction).

I absolutely loved the new starter area for The Tunnel. I don’t want to give anything away, but it’s a special room where you sit down….and stuff happens to you. It was unexpected and a great start to the attraction. I love the creativity and new direction this added to things. The rest of the haunt was filled with actors and animatronics that were well placed. The group I went in with were constantly screaming. This attraction, along with Brighton Asylum, is filled with doctor/medical horror, with an addition of “wasteland/cannibal” style crazy stuff.

Brighton Asylum and The Tunnel have a good combination of atmospheric setups, jump scares, animatronics, and actors. One thing to note: They do have some “difficult to traverse” sections, where the floor moves, or requires crawling, or some type of movement which may be difficult for older people or those with some disabilities–so be aware of this in advance–I find this a great thing that adds to the experience though. They also added on a “foam room” at the end of Brighton Asylum–you can go around it, but if you go through be prepared to be a bit wet and a bit foamed up afterward. (one of the women I went through the attraction with ended up with a “foam tiara” on her head–we all were laughing like crazy when we got out).

This location feels to me like the north’s version of Netherworld. They both take what works great and add on new things each year to bring it to a new level. If you are in the New Jersey area you really need to check out Brighton Asylum / The Tunnel.

Lastly, I want to add a shout out to the group that adopted me for the trip through Brighton Asylum–Emily and the rest, you guys made it fun, and I wish you well on the rest of the season. It made my night to hang out with a group that loved haunted attractions as much as I do (and thank you for the suggestions on some others to check out).

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GUEST POST: Haunted Attraction Review: Lancaster, Pennsylvania: Field of Screams

Disclosure: Oni and I were invited out to the media day event at Field of Screams and were provided VIP passes to tour their houses and events this year–Oni was in LA at the time, so I brought with me some newbies to the event to see their reaction to what has historically been one of my favorite haunted attraction locations. They had some great set ups showing the history of the event:


When you enter Field of Screams, you immediately realize it isn’t going to be a run-of-the-mill haunted attraction location.

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Tech Review: Catalyst waterproof iPhone case is what I use now instead of Lifeproof

Remember when I blogged that my Lifeproof case fell apart quickly and was a pain to use? Well if you missed that you can review that here. Catalyst contacted me and graciously sent me a case to review. I’ve been using it for like a month now so I can confidently tell you how it’s holding up.

Holy crap, you need this.

They make them for all sizes of iPhone. Mine happens to be the 5s, which is also the same size as the SE.


GUYS. This Catalyst case is literally the best iPhone case I have ever used in my life. It’s sleek, waterproof, drop proof, easy to put on and take off, and doesn’t make the workflow of listening to music annoying. I’ve been searching for over a month to figure out if it had any problems but I can’t find any.

The case itself feels like it’s a much more durable material than you’d normally see. The stress point of the volume/mute switch is handled by a sturdy plastic knob that you can turn. The volume buttons itself are covered with high quality rubber. You can see that in this picture:


The bottom of the phone has a molded rubber part that kind of acts like a cork. So you don’t need a special adapter for your headphones that you’ll inevitably lose. You can just use your regular headphones. My audio cable in my car was too wide for it because I bought a big one, but for like $6 I bought an adapter just for my car’s audio cable that always stays in my car, never gets removed, and doesn’t get lost. Now it’s seamless from walking and listening to driving and listening.

Considering I listen to music almost all the time that’s a big concern for me. :D

Below you can see the headphones on the left, the power charger in the center and a lanyard attachment on the right. YEAH I SAID IT finally someone got intelligent and gave us a lanyard attachment! ALL CAPS I HAVE WANTED THIS SINCE THE IPHONE CAME OUT. Literally everyone in Japan is probably flipping out right now – and everyone else who likes to collect cell phone charms:


I seriously was way too excited about this lanyard attachment. :D


I was skeptical at first because I’ve been through several cases and never found one that I liked but in my opinion Catapyst makes the best iPhone cases I’ve ever tried – so much that I gave away the case I had puchased for myself when my LifeProof broke. If you want a sleek, waterproof, drop proof case that is easy to use and easy to put on and take off Catalyst is where you need to go.

– Waterproof
– Drop Proof
– Easy to put on / take off
– Easy to use / durable volume buttons
– No adapters needed to use your headphones
– After a month it’s holding up very nicely.
– Great removable lanyard feature

– If you have a fat audio cable in your car you’ll need a $6 adapter for your car, but that’s really not a big deal whatsoever.

Catalyst has my highest recommendation. If I had known about them I would have purchased this on my own. My husband was thinking of letting my have his bigger phone but I turned it down solely because I like the case on this phone too much and don’t want to part with it. These guys should be the #1 purchased iPhone case in the world. They are that good.

You need this. Click here to get more info about it. I am not being paid to say this.