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(Re)Generation Who 2 was another success! Onward to 3!

Thank you to everyone who came out to (Re)Generation Who 2 this past March 18-20, 2016. This includes the staff, guests, collaborators, and attendees. Every single person gave their all to make this a fabulous weekend and I am incredibly grateful for your support. I would not be able to make these conventions without you. The positive reviews are already flooding in.

We’ve made great strides toward making an all-inclusive, family-friendly during the day space for attendees. I am so proud that our Children’s Programming has already been getting acclaim and press. You can thank Eric and Eta for this wonderful track – that even our guests were overjoyed to participate in!

I am already working to expand what we can offer for next year.

For me the convention starts – ok well – for me the con never ends. I am already planning the 3rd one for months now and so I basically am always working. But as far as deployment goes, my con last from Wednesday to Wednesday. That’s pretty brutal considering my average day during this time is from 5:30AM-1:30AM.

How do I do it? I have help. And coffee. And I wear a dress over running leggings and sleek-looking hiking boots so that I can do literally anything required of me while still looking presentable:

oni dress

I need to get a storage facility in Maryland where the staff is. I live in New Jersey and so we store everything where I live. Well, this meant that on the last day I had to drive 2.5 hours home and unload the entire large panel van myself. Harknell has a bad back and while he did try to do as much as he could, I won’t let him injure himself.

It took 4 hours and by the time I was finished I was talking to the boxes as if they were people. @_@ It was worth it, though!

We have a lot of photos and video being processed, but here are some things from the con that I have right now.

Here is Nick Briggs, the voice of the Daleks and Cybermen, learning ASL:

Nick Briggs, the voice of the Daleks, conquers Baltimore and learns ASL.

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Here is Wendy Padbury pouring tea at the sold out Tea with the Doctor VIP event:

Wendy Padbury is mother at Tea with the Doctor.

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Here are some photos taken by Vinny of our 3 days of concerts, panel discussions, celebrity interviews, dance parties, the Davros Variety Hour, and general PARTY TIME. You never know what to expect at (Re)Generaton Who – and that’s because we are always evolving and developing our own content that you won’t see anywhere else – and we accept your suggestions. It’s a full time job, but well worth it for the results:

colin peter nick

dance party

mike kangal dj

dominic glynn concert colin

dominic glynn concert

variety show 2

variety show

rob terry john nick

cat colin nicola

Here is our “So, How Did We Do?” feedback panel at the end of the con. That’s me in the center:

final panel photo by vinny

Thank you for coming out to (Re)Generation Who 2. Thank you for staffing. Thank you for being kind. Thank you for everything. Thank you for being you.

It was our goal to compliment the already amazing fan and con community with our work and we achieved that. I have a very specific vision of using this con to bring families of all types together – and to always support and help all other cons to create a better world for tomorrow with more cons, more fans, and more positive things to enjoy.

I LOL at you if you ask me “if” there will be a 3. I’ll let you know quite soon what the go live date for (Re)Generation Who 3’s registration is.

Here are some things people are saying:

testimonial 3

testimonial 2

testimonial 1

For more photos, join our Facebook Group, follow the con on twitter, and instagram.

2016, Oni's Life

Transitioning from being blind to not blind is difficult and sometimes upsetting; can anyone tell me how to clean glasses properly?

Guys, I’ve been having some difficulties and I am having problems understanding and adjusting to them.

Because of the situation with my eyes going from blind to not blind I’ve been mostly stuck inside since December when I went out for a bit. But before that I have mostly been stuck inside since last September. So that’s about 6 months of being inside a lot and unable to drive.

I went out to Katsucon a few weeks ago and it was great but exhausting. I’m healed from the first part of my eye surgeries and will have the (hopefully) last part of them this April. April 12th is my birthday and also the day of my last procedure so that will be a nice present if it all works out fine.

It’s probably impossible to describe to you all what I am going through. 1 day out at Katsucon made me realize how much easier it is to talk with people now after my first 2 surgeries. My stress level is much lower – until it gets to be too much for me and it skyrockets.

A side effect of the surgery is that I can no longer focus my eyes and immediately went from being able to do that to needing reading glasses. Most people start feeling this at age 45 and have slowly aged into it. Mine was induced – an all at once surprise.

My Doctor of course told me all about his before and I expected it, but my point is that to my brain it was a surprise because it still tries to focus me by reflex. I get headaches a lot. Bad ones.

I have a lot of trouble when the sun is not out which I hope the next 2 procedures will clear up. in dim light I get a 50-100 ft dark “X” that radiates from every light source. I also still have a ring in my left eye that pops up in low light which is incredibly irritating.

But at the same time colors are brighter and even though everything is clouded it’s clearer than it was by a lot.

Interactions with people have always required excessive brain usage before to sort out what was happening. Now it’s easier until my brain gets confused and thinks it should be working harder than it needs to.

Glasses are also a pain in the ass. No matter how hard I try or what spray I use it seems I can’t get my glasses clean and at the same rate I have clouding in my eyes so it’s extra annoying to have 2 levels of clouding. If you know how to actually get glasses really clean please send me an email or comment on my Facebook or Twitter. Sprays and microfiber cloths that they sell seem to leave them still dirty.

I seem to be learning things every day that I didn’t expect would be different. Still I keep thinking every night that I have to remove my contact lenses but I don’t. I can see now. I’m just not quite through the entire process.

I’m working on the art for all of you who donated to me still but I am working a bit slower than usual. As I expected it all probably won’t be done until after (Re)Generation Who this March 18-20 come register and say hello!), which I am also working on and will be our best work yet.

I just can’t wait for all of this eye crap to be over. I feel irritated with some of the things I mentioned above but I also feel like I don’t look like me anymore. You may have noticed less pictures and such up here. It’s because I feel like this is all too much to handle sometimes, I don’t look like me anymore and I just want to disappear. But I don’t plan to.

2016, Oni's Life

Eye surgery donation art work in progress

In this post is a VERY EARLY preview of one of the art pieces being made into digital downloads and wallpapers for everyone who donated to help me get eye surgery. I am still getting used to using these eyes. Believe it or not it is quite jarring to see when you aren’t used to seeing. I get headaches and feel overloaded a lot. I’m told this takes about a month.

Most of all the idea that people cared about me was the most important thing. I had fallen into a bit of a depression at that time and had convinced myself somehow that people didn’t care if I could ever make art again. Anyone who has ever been very sick or lost control of an aspect of their body will understand.

The fact that people cared enough to send me cranky emails demanding to give me money when they found out what was going on… I’m taking the time to make them something special. The money helped but the fact that people cared was really what I needed to hear at that time.

I am considering a Patreon after this. Financially, the way my life is currently set up it doesn’t make sense for me to ever make art again. That’s reality. But I’d like to do it if I could see that people were enjoying it. I was thinking of doing pieces based on patrons’ suggestions each month and raffling an actual limited edition signed print (or canvas, if I have enough patrons to defray the production cost) to one patron per month. Once you win it you can’t win again until everyone gets one.

I am interested in your thoughts on if you’d like to participate in something like this. This blog has no comments so email me via the top nav bar on this site or comment over on my Facebook and Twitter.

You’d be helping me create art and have an active role in the topics.

Here is a work in progress that I am working on for those who donated to my eye surgery. They’ll get their own page of digital downloads, printables, and wallpapers of several pieces.

And thank you all for the gift baskets and “Get Well” cards. Here is one of my Get Well gifts helping me make art – an Apple Pencil. This one is called “Anesthesia” and will be a direct piece based off of what I saw during surgery. I probably have about 5-10 hours more to go on this. It will be full color and painted:

anesthesia wip


2016, Oni's Life

Meet me at Katsucon in Maryland this Saturday

I am pleased to say that my first post-eye surgery appearance will at at the (Re)Generation Who table this coming Saturday at Katsucon in National Harbor, Maryland. I’ll also be giving people a sneak preview of Monday’s Intervention announcement before it goes online.

The (Re)Gen table will be there all weekend but I will be there SATURDAY ONLY. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook for live updates.

This week will be the beginning of many cool announcements to come from my organization. I look forward to being able to REALLY see you in person this time. We will be filming so you may be featured in our video footage from the event.

2016, Oni's Life

Surgery update: I can see! (Kind of)

Both of my eyes have been operated on. I went from a -20.5 to a -1.5/-2ish. I have temporary glasses and I am waiting 2 weeks until everything is healed and I can get my permanent prescription because it will change as it heals.

I have some floaters and minor complications that I will get checked out in about 1.5 weeks. If that it OK I will get 1-2 more minor procedures and another retina check and I will be done.

It looks like with glasses I can now be correctable to 20/20 for the first time in my life.

I am in shock and I don’t know what I’m seeing or how to describe it. My brain is completely overloaded and confused. I’ll let this speak for it:


“Why are you crying? Are you ok?”

“I can read every word on the menu! Every single word! I don’t need any help!”

I am well enough to try to work on some art today, so I will do that and see if I can get some of the rewards done for those who have donated to support me.