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New York City Haunted Attractions: Nightmare New York 2015 – Horror Show

I always felt that these guys were the strongest in their theatrical execution. It seems that they doubled down on that and made it their own. I am extra excited to see what they have planned this year!


“Nightmare Horror Show: New York’s Most Terrifying Theater. 7 Short Horror Shows that are crosses between a haunted house and Theater. They will get in your face and under your skin… and stay there”


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Nightmare New York Haunted House announces 2014 theme; is incredibly creative as per usual

Nightmare New York is not doing a 3rd installment of “Killers” for 2014. This year’s theme will be urban legends of NYC.

These guys approach the theater side of haunting in a way that no one else does. I am excited to see how this will come out.

I leave you with an image from last year’s “Killers2” that destroyed Harknell and I:

Go here for more previously unreleased images from Nightmare: Killers2.

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90s Nickelodeon celebrities come together for book release in NYC: Slimed! An Oral History of Nickelodeon’s Golden Age

The TL; DR is that $20 get you in to see Ferguson from Clarissa Explains it All, Big Pete AND Marc Summers on 9/27 in NYC!

You may or may not know that I am a huge vintage Nickelodeon fan. Clarissa Explains It All, Pete and Pete, Hey Dude, You Can’t Do That on Television, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, and Doug were some of my favorite things growing up.

Some odd trivia is that years later I actually worked briefly at the same studio that made Doug!

Anyway, Slimed! An Oral History of Nickelodeon’s Golden Age is coming out on September 24th – all 90s Nickelodeon fans should probably check this out.

The NYC Launch Event for the book will take place at the 92Y and many 90s Nickelodeon celebrities will be in attendance!

Marc Summers hosts and The Beets will play live for the first time ever. The event will include behind-the-scenes photos, Nick stars, writers, producers, executives, show creators and more. After the event you will be able to mingle with the Nick guests. A 2 hour long session of panel discussions about the golden age of Nickelodeon will take place.

You’ll also be able to purchase your own copy of SLIMED! An Oral History of Nickelodeon’s Golden Age and get it autographed!

Get your tickets here.

Guest list so far includes:

*Ross Hull (Gary, Are You Afraid of the Dark?)
*Jason Zimbler (Ferguson, Clarissa Explains It All)
*Christine McGlade (Christine/Moose, YCDTOTV)
*Mitchell Kriegman (Creator, Clarissa; Story Editor, Nicktoons)
*Sean O’Neal (Sam, Clarissa Explains It All)
*Marc Summers (Host, Double Dare/What Would You Do)
*Robin Russo (Double Dare/WWYD)
*Harvey (Announcer, Double Dare/WWYD)
*Phil Moore (Host, Nick Arcade)
*Edd Kalehoff (Music, Double Dare)
*Fred Newman (Skeeter/Mr. Dink/Porkchop/MouthSounds/Music, Doug)
*Dan Sawyer (Music, Doug)
*Melanie Chartoff (Didi/Grandma, Rugrats)
*Bob Camp (Director etc., Ren & Stimpy)
*Billy West (Doug/Roger/Et al, Doug; Ren/Stimpy et al, Ren & Stimpy)
*Dave Rhoden (Merv, Welcome Freshmen)
*Michael Maronna (Big Pete, Pete & Pete)
*Syd Straw (Ms. Fingerwood, Pete & Pete)
*Hardy Rawls (Dad, Pete & Pete)
*Judy Grafe (Mom, Pete & Pete)
*Jessica Gaynes (Co-host, Wild & Crazy Kids)
*Trevor Eyster (Sponge Harris, Salute Your Shorts)
*Kelly Brown (Brad, Hey Dude)
*Connie Shuman (Patti, Doug)
*James Bethea/Karim Miteff (Creators, Nick Arcade)
*Bob Mittenthal (Creator, Welcome Freshmen; Development, Double Dare, etc.)
*Geoffrey Darby (Co-creator, YCDTOTV; President of Production @ Nick)
*Fred Seibert (Branding)
*Alan Goodman (Branding; Writer: Hey Dude, Clarissa)
*Alasdair Gillis (YCDTOTV) *Becca Lish (Judy/Mom/Connie, Doug) *Rita/Benny Hester (Co-creators, Roundhouse)

More guests are being added!

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Power drain, power up: New York City

I’ll be doing more posts soon. adjusting to working and commuting into NYC was, as expected, not easy. I am also doing a job that is more demanding than jobs i have had in the past, which is actually good. Even on bad days commuting into NYC makes me smile. I did not expect this. i thought I’d hate it like I did when I interned at Disney in 2001.

Speaking of Disney, I miss Florida…

Anyway, I digress.

The reason I hated NYC back then? Poverty. I was too poor back then to even afford lunch. It was like going to a theme park and not being allowed to ride anything. I had to watch as everyone else had nice clothes, good food, and there I was in my cheapass clothes with my rice and can of tuna I brought from home. I became bitter quickly.

Dark days. Horrible.

Today it’s different. Hard work. Now I can buy whatever I want for lunch and, with some planning, budget out nice (even fancypants) clothing.

What a difference. Work hard. Make things better.

NYC is the best city. I love it as much as Orlando and Tampa. The truth for me is that I fit into NYC far better than New Jersey. I had been in a rut in NJ, which was making me very depressed. The jobs I had been getting were temporary jobs with no future, no training, and often abusive atmospheres.

NYC offers better pay and better opportunities. The only catch is that it is a brutal climate. Standards are high. I have had the toughest interviews of my life in NYC. The best talent comes to famous cities and NYC is one of the most famous in the world. It took me 2 years to get an opportunity in NYC. Figuring out the subway and trains is scary at first – especially since I am vision-impaired and not experienced with this type of travel.

I’m not just reading about fashion in magazines and seeing it on TV – I’m seeing it evolve in front of my face before it ever hits the media. I’m hearing many languages spoken each day and meeting new people every day. I can get any food that I want. I might see dudes in kilts on the way to work or I might see a violinist.

Art is all around us. NYC is actually misrepresented in the media. It may have been rough in the 70s, but today I find it to be one of the friendliest cities I have ever been to. It feels like an anime con in which you could get killed if you were dumb.

Everyone is talkative, helpful, and I’ve just met people on the street. It reminds me of the south but with less door-opening for other people. NYCers seem to be straightforward. They don’t play games or say what they don’t mean to please anyone. If they see you they might hold the door open for you after they go in or they might not. They are very busy and have to run.

I don’t feel like I don’t fit in anymore. In NYC no one fits in. So we all fit in. I have zero regrets making the jump to work in the city. Even with the longer hours – ZERO regrets.

I’ve changed dramatically since last month. NYC has shaken away some of the last vestiges of shyness that I had. I’m more open, talkative, friendly, and confident. Before I had been walking around with my head down as if I had imaginary armor on. I questioned myself and my sanity. I feared that this was all that life had to offer for me and actually would have fantasies about, say, jumping off a bridge or blowing my own head off. (Don’t worry-I wasn’t REALLY going to do it.) Every time I shut my eyes the misery would just manifest in random ways.

I needed a change. I felt trapped.

One challenge for me is adjusting my art schedule. More on that in a later post.

You know the Stones song that goes, “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you just might find you get what you need?”

It’s not Florida.

But, Yes.

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Exclusive Preview: LeSportsac Winter 2013 bags; Mexican Day of the Dead, flowers, geeky tech bags for women, the debut of some shiny luxe bags, and a redesigned men’s collection

So yeah. I learned a lot of stuff about LeSportsac when I visited their HQ last week! For one – they are coming out with a re-designed men’s collection and a luxe collection!

WHAT. Yes. :)

So the other day when I posted an exclusive preview of the LeSportsac Disney It’s a Small World Hawaii bags I promised I would follow up with the Winter 2013 LeSportsac bags I saw in their showroom. Today, I am making good on that promise.

I even got to see the Dylan’s Candy Bar collection before the public, but I am not allowed to show you those. (HINT: They are bright and cute!)

At the time I didn’t realize that no one else had these photos. The next time I go I will bring a better camera! Anyway, here is what I CAN show you from what I saw:

LeSportsac organizer envelopes:

Jewel print:

Laptop cases:

Polka dot and various prints:

One of the things I was most impressed with was the Men’s Collection. I might live under a rock – but I wasn’t really aware of their men’s stuff before! Shame on me. They said that these just got a re-design and look better than ever. I agree. Most of them have padded space for a laptop or iPad.

Click for larger:

The women’s collection gets more of a focus on technology and mobile devices, too. Click for larger:

It seemed that a lot of their new items are going to be multi-functional. This means that many of these items also had convertible shoulder straps. I saw a lot of little travel bags that store things neatly and hang up to be ultra compact.

Diaper bags! Click for larger:

I know a lot of my readers are going to love this Mexican-inspired skull print:

Click for larger:

One other thing that really impressed me were the new luxe bags. There are some times when a durable-looking bag is just too rugged for the occasion. LeSportsac went and made a bag with the same durable materials, but luxe. The reason I stay away from shiny bags from other brands in the past is because many of them don’t last. We already know from my prior review that LeSportsac is famous for being extremely durable. I know someone who still has one from 30 years ago.

They told me that the main focus here was to make the bags just as durable as their less-sparkly offerings. It looks to me like they achieved it.

I have to confess that regardless of my practical and no-nonsense personality, I am a bit of a sparkly girl, so YES, PLEASE. :D

A shiny, patent-leather type look:

Shiny, sparkly wallets:

A luxe, sequin-covered bag:

More durable, shiny, sleekness:

Here is a larger one. Click for a larger image:

These are not up at LeSportsac yet, but they will be in the next several months!