It could be worse

After 2 friends of mine passing away in the same weekend, my mother in law passing away the following weekend and then my friend’s Dad the week after that, I came back to work and was told that I no longer have a job.

If anyone is hiring a senior level Multichannel Marketing Manager with a high level of skill in Software Development (websites, iPad, iPhone) please let me know. You can see my full resume on my LinkedIn here.

In the meantime, I will be working full time on (Re)Generation Who and you’ll see more art from me. Opportunities! :)


 Disney and Dooney and Bourke don’t care about quality anymore? My Haunted Mansion bag began to break after 5 days

Remember when I blogged about how an alarming number of the Disney Dooney and Bourke Haunted Mansion bags were falling apart within the first week of being carried? My bag (which was a gift from my husband) lasted just 5 days before it began to break. This bag was $250. I’ll be returning it. I can’t even get a replacement because it seems that the entire line is faulty and would just break in another 5 days.

Disney and Dooney and Bourke need to fix this but I can’t get any word back from either company for over a week now. I took the Keys to the Kingdom tour last year in Florida’s Magic Kingdom and a big thing was not setting guests up for disappointment. I feel that they failed on that here – on an epic scale. After wanting this bag for a year it was a fiasco to get my hands on one when they re-released it. Then I get it and it breaks. I read that this is a new material for the bags so if you have another type of Disney Dooney yours may not have this issue. However this experience and the non responses I’ve gotten over it have put me off of ever buying another bag like this.


Click here for more pix of what is happening with these bags after just days of use.

This is a total shame because really – these bags are lovely. Disney always releases great designs. Disney’s Haunted Mansion is one of my favorite things in the world. If these bags were made of quality materials it would easily be my most favorite possession. I hope that they do not see the high number of returns they are likely getting and say that there is no market for Haunted Mansion bags. I would have bought every bag in the line and kept them if they were built to last.

After having had 4 funerals to attend in just 1 month this bag was the only thing to get a smile from me in an otherwise terrible situation. It’s stupid that it cheered me up like that, but it did. When you are going through terrible things silly things can help.

But now it’s lasting power makes Wal-Mart bags look luxe. I feel ripped off and sad. :(


 PRESS: 11 women who are changing geek culture



I am honored and grateful to be featured in Kernel Magazine’s 11 women who are changing geek culture as #2 on the list right with Lindsey Stirling.

It means a lot. :) Check it out!


 “Happy” Thanksgiving and other things

You may have figured out from my recent posts that we’ve been dealing with multiple tragedies that have hit our personal lives in the last month. It has, quite literally, been the worst month of my adult life. We are still not OK, but we have to get back into our regular routines.

Thank you for being awesome and supporting my work here. The blog starts up on Monday Dec. 1st again as per usual.

Hug those who you love because you never know of it’s your last chance to do so.


 The hardest week of my life

Apologies. After having 2 friends suddenly pass away, the weekend after that my husband’s mother also passed away. I did not have time to update as we had to make an emergency trip to western Tennessee which is a 16+ hour drive if you don’t take any breaks. Internet was scarce, and we only had iPhones which can’t update this blog easily.

It was the hardest week of our lives. We are destroyed. Those asking me for an address for condolences – our address is here.

I have many blog posts to come about haunts – including a couple reviews that I could not get done before Nov 1.

I just need another day. We are back home now.

I leave you with this message that I had posted on my Facebook:

“How quickly last weekend (great) turned into a week of hell (not great). I am reminding you now that very quickly things can turn for the worse, so always say what you mean and mean what you say. Always pay attention to those you care about and give those you don’t know a chance to get in. You might not have another chance to meet them.

Similarly things can also quickly change for the better fast. So if you are in a bad situation do not give up. The only thing that happens when you give up is that you prove yourself right. And let’s face it-we aren’t always right and sometimes we are stupid asses who prejudge situations and limit ourselves.

I’ve seen enough life and death to understand that the saddest thing is seeing someone’s life end when they could have been more. They just didn’t believe.

You are what you believe. If you imagine you are an airplane long enough I am convinced you can probably become one in some way.

So fuckin’ be an airplane.

Understand that there are different perspectives from your own that are equally valid because we aren’t the same person with the same upbringing and surroundings. Don’t try to change others. Lead by example.

Life is water so pay attention to others, help when you can, just go with the flow, and don’t be an assjackal is my point.”

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