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 BIG NEWS: Oni Hartstein expands blog coverage to uncover the intersection of art and tech in haunted attractions, dark rides, and immersive theater all year ’round


My blog is going from awesome to mega holy shit awesome. I normally do just haunted attraction reviews during the Fall season and random adventures outside of the season. Thanks to your feedback, starting immediately I will be working year round to uncover the intersection of Art and Tech in haunted attractions, dark rides, and immersive theater. This means interviews with the craftspeople and a peek into what it takes to make magic happen.

This ties right in with my already huge focus on emerging art and tech with my 3 day event, Intervention: The Premier Showcase of Online Creativity.

Oh yeah and Intervention 6 itself is being completely biggie mushroomed and re planned to serve the attendees and artists even better than before. Because I am nuts and have to always innovate.

There’s other things I am not telling you yet. In the words of my German relatives, “You will like it.”

Anyway tell everyone about this blog, bookmark it, and subscribe to it via RSS. Also please submit tips of people and projects whom I should be interviewing. This is the time to truly elevate this industry and give those who work hard to make magic their recognition.

Note that interview content likely can’t start till November which is good because we are all hella busy till then. My already packed haunted attraction reviewing schedule might explain that.


 Accurate representation of my stick figure family

Let’s see – 2 Disney fan idiots who own Intervention: The Premier Showcase of Online Creativity and (Re)Generation Who Doctor Who convention.


Needs bats.


 Haunted House Season begins: Busch Gardens, Dorney Park Haunt, Eastern State Penitentiary Terror Behind the Walls, Field of Screams

Wow. In just 1 week Haunt Season is here and that means that I have a lot of parties and Haunted Attractions to go to (and blog about for you)! I think I can classify myself as a Halloween and Haunted House expert by now. I will tell you which caramel apples are the best. I got that game on lock.

The caramel apple game.


The OniHaunts web series is coming back this year. We are also experimenting with filming a documentary about our haunt adventures that will take place at a few select locations. If that works out the documentary will be shown at the Intervention 6 Film Festival and released on DVD/digital download.

I am going to have to plan ahead so that my energy stays up. Every year I kick my own ass doing all of this. This stuff is all awesome but it’s very tiring to travel so much in a short amount of time. In just the next handful of days I have all of this:

I am the official Ambassador Blogger for Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s Howl O Scream. Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram because I will be working with the park to show you this event on those channels. You’ll see blog posts here and on their official site by me shortly thereafter.

I’m Media/VIP at the Eastern State Penitentiary Terror Behind the Walls opening.

I’m Media/VIP at Field of Screams in Lancaster / Mountville, PA.

I’m Media/VIP at Dorney Park Haunt for the Mansion House Meal which is a special dinner experience inside a haunted attraction (with in-character ghostly visitors) followed by a night of haunted houses. Last year this experience won our Innovation Award.

It looks like every weekend I will be doing between 3-7 haunted attraction locations. What in the…

My record is 3 haunted attraction event locations in 1 night. I may end up having at least 1 night where I do 4 this year.

You guys are trying to kill me. :)


 (Re)Generation Who Doctor Who Convention in MD selling fast…

My second convention that I am producing is a Doctor Who convention. (Re)Generation Who in Hunt Valley MD is selling registrations very fast.

EDIT: We added 1 more Lvl 4 in the system and that’s REALLY it because the room can’t hold any more people. I’m not even going to change this post because probably in minutes it’s gonna be legit sold out because it gets you into Tea with the Doctor. But try and get it.

Lvl 4 VIP packages sold out in less than 2 months after going live. Thank you for playing. Tea with the Doctor is full. The parrot has ceased to be, Lvls 1, 2, 3, and 5 are still available and also selling fast. The room block is almost ka-boomed as well. Regular registrations are selling VERY fast on a daily basis. This is nuts to the maximum. Please LMK if you try to book a room and it fails because this shit is selling faster than I can get status reports on it.

ALSO: Tom Baker’s autograph is selling briskly. He will only do a LIMITED NUMBER of them, guys. I cannot guarantee he will ever do this again.

Get on it because this con may sell out sooner than expected.


 Is it haunted attraction time yet? Also: I have no idea how not to work :(

Haunt season is soon where I get to travel over 4000 miles to find the best haunted attractions! So if you own a haunted attraction that I can get to please email me via the contact tab on the top bar so that I can get you in the schedule before it fills up.

So anyway…

The problem that happens when you work harder than you should for an extended period of time is that you tend to confuse yourself when you stop. This holiday weekend is the first weekend in a long time that I have not had multiple things to do and a tough schedule to get through. I worked 140 hours in just 7 days.

I guess I am supposed to be relaxing now, but it’s not easy to turn it off. Work ethic is like dieting – once you make it a habit it becomes the default mode of operation.

My apartment is made for work. I have a TV but I don’t get TV service and I don’t have a DVD player. I don’t have any place to really hang out at except for in front of my computer. So I am sitting here trying to chill out watching Gossip Girl reruns on Netflix and catching up on some of my artwork. I was supposed to be traveling this weekend but I had made myself a little sick, I’m glad that I am almost feeling better. Thank you to everyone who gave me such nice presents at Intervention last weekend. It really cheered me up! I’ve been drinking the tea that SaggyZ and Co gave me and that’s been a big help with my irritated throat. (Sorry, I don’t know if you are OK with me posting your real names.)

I’ll make a blog post soon about the awesome success that Intervention: The Premier Showcase of Online Creativity was last weekend. If you missed it I feel sad for you! Here is one image from it taken by Confident Gamers and altered by Steven Archer of Ego Likeness:

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