The hardest week of my life

Apologies. After having 2 friends suddenly pass away, the weekend after that my husband’s mother also passed away. I did not have time to update as we had to make an emergency trip to western Tennessee which is a 16+ hour drive if you don’t take any breaks. Internet was scarce, and we only had iPhones which can’t update this blog easily.

It was the hardest week of our lives. We are destroyed. Those asking me for an address for condolences – our address is here.

I have many blog posts to come about haunts – including a couple reviews that I could not get done before Nov 1.

I just need another day. We are back home now.

I leave you with this message that I had posted on my Facebook:

“How quickly last weekend (great) turned into a week of hell (not great). I am reminding you now that very quickly things can turn for the worse, so always say what you mean and mean what you say. Always pay attention to those you care about and give those you don’t know a chance to get in. You might not have another chance to meet them.

Similarly things can also quickly change for the better fast. So if you are in a bad situation do not give up. The only thing that happens when you give up is that you prove yourself right. And let’s face it-we aren’t always right and sometimes we are stupid asses who prejudge situations and limit ourselves.

I’ve seen enough life and death to understand that the saddest thing is seeing someone’s life end when they could have been more. They just didn’t believe.

You are what you believe. If you imagine you are an airplane long enough I am convinced you can probably become one in some way.

So fuckin’ be an airplane.

Understand that there are different perspectives from your own that are equally valid because we aren’t the same person with the same upbringing and surroundings. Don’t try to change others. Lead by example.

Life is water so pay attention to others, help when you can, just go with the flow, and don’t be an assjackal is my point.”


 (Re)Generation Who’s hotel is almost sold out – register now!

OK, cool. My con’s hotel is almost sold out.

Yes. The (Re)Generation Who hotel only has a few King Rooms left.

We are approaching full hotel sell out. If you don’t want to have to commute from another local hotel you need to register and get your room now.

And what does that tell you about the con itself? Yeah. Sales are BRISK! You’d better register fast!

Remember, you only have until Feb 14 to order a ReGen exclusive Tom Baker autograph. This is available to pre-registered attendees only as Mr. Baker is making a limited number them to order for the con. You can add this option when you register. Of you have already registered you can add this option. We are here all the time to assist you as well.



 VIDEO: Oni and Harknell on FIOS1 News talking about Haunted Houses

Click here for video.

Oni Hartstein and James Harknell on FIOS1 News


 Oni and Harknell on FIOS1 News this week talking about Haunted Attractions in New Jersey and New York City

A segment about Haunted Attractions will air this week on FIOS1 News. Thanks to CJ, Jennifer, Wade, Gloria, and team for having us in the studio to film this. This was so awesome to be able to talk about this and educate people on the various genres of haunted attractions. I believe there is a haunt for everyone – even people who don’t like to get scared and I hold to that claim.

oni news

I’ll let you now when it airs / when I get video.

Here I am in the green room before we went on:

oni green room

I was so sleepy! Early in the morning, guys. That’s how the news does it. Earrrllly in the morning. It was worth it! :)


 Oni interviewed on Talk 910 San Francisco – Audio

I was interviewed on Talk 910 San Francisco about “Extreme Haunted Houses”. You can listen to the audio here.

Check out more of my media appearances as they happen on this page.

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