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 Star Trek: TNG Worf: Cupcakes’plah!

I did it. Click for larger:

You can see more of my art here.


 Quest for Glory adventure gamers take note: Heroine’s Quest is here!

I got into adventure games because of King’s Quest 4: The Perils of Rosella.

So yeah. This is awesome. Heroine’s Quest: The Herald of Ragnarok is a free download and is a Quest for Glory/King’s Quest style game in the old school way! WIN! It’s PC now, but a Mac version is coming out. I love everything about this – my only nitpick is that since I spent my entire childhood being sad that all of the dolls and women on TV were blonde (didn’t look like me) I’d like to see different hair color options.

This is a great-looking project that I hope is extremely successful.


 Doctor Who x Mary Blair’s Disney It’s a Small World

So I made a thing which is a Doctor Who Disney Small World vintage ride poster:

See more of my art here.

Process shots:


 Amazon and Disney advocates for piracy by pulling access to purchased Christmas videos during Christmas

It’s stuff like this that prevents me from purchasing digital media and, by extension, media at all.

You see, I have an issue. I don’t have a DVD player anymore. I don’t have a CD player anymore. I don’t have cable TV or regular TV. I don’t care to buy traditional copies of many things. It just isn’t going to happen. It does not work with the chaotic workflow that is now my life.

From the source post:

“A good example of this twisted reasoning is Disney’s decision to make certain Christmas videos unavailable on Amazon because they want people to tune in to their TV channel instead. This ban is not limited to new customers and includes those who already purchased the videos.”

OK, look. Pulling items that I’ve purchased will not convince me to purchase or partake of any of the traditional media that I have listed above. I live in a small apartment and I don’t have that much time on my hands because I work a lot.

Digital media would be perfect for my small apartment / long work hours lifestyle. Alas, it’s just not going to happen. One reason why is the shenanigans detailed at the above link. Everyone loses. Companies lose my money. the result is that I just cease to engage with their media.

Let me make this crystal clear: If I truly wanted to get an illegal copy of any of these items I could have it in less than 30 minutes. It would be my copy. No one would be pulling it from my library at their whim or telling me when and where I could watch it. I believe that when digital media is involved most companies are leaving money on the table. It makes far more sense to build a community of trust in your consumers such that I’d feel OK with buying lots of things from them. As it is now I have bought nothing and never intend to.


 Bert and Ernie kickin’ it

I kind of want to rig up a projector so that we can play this at the Intervention dance party this August right after Weird Al Yankovic…

Bert and Ernie – Ante Up from Javier Escobar on Vimeo.

UPDATED: Aww, they removed the video. Probably some crappy copyright removal.

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