(Re)Generation Who, A Gift for The Doctor Who Fan

With the holidays fast approaching we’d like to give you a last minute great gift idea for any super fan of Doctor Who in the Baltimore, MD area.


Obviously, right off, give them a registration to (Re)Generation Who, where they can meet a whole slew of great guests of their favorite show. If you want to add onto this, any of our VIP levels adds in extras like exclusive T-shirts, special artwork, or a special commemorative charm dedicated to our special Guest of Honor 4th Doctor Tom Baker.

Speaking of Tom Baker, one other great gift to get would be an exclusive autograph from Tom only available at our event this year. You can add this during their initial registration, or add it onto an existing registration, but you can only get this item if you’re registered for the event, and it’s only available for pre-sale until Feb 15, 2015 (and with limited numbers).

(Re)Generation Who is the Mid-Atlantic’s major Doctor Who convention, so you know any super fan will want to be there with all of their community–so why not win extra points with them by giving them what they want this Christmas/Hanukkah/Holidays?


 MSNBC’s Morning Joe – Mika Brzezinski: It’s OK to commit terrorism toward children as long as you don’t like them?


I am a New York-based fan convention chair who runs 2 conventions. I have been active in fan subcultures since 1988 when my older brother took me to my first Sci-Fi con and encouraged me to pursue Math and Science.

Our goal with our fan events is to empower the community with low cost educational opportunities underneath the guise of family fun. I’ve been featured on CNN, Wired, New York’s FIOS1 News, The Washington Post, Talk 910 San Francisco and many other places for my work in the community. It’s been well-documented that we’ve raised large sums of money for charity, inspired people to go to college, and had an impact on the community that truly makes a difference.

I am very passionate about families and giving back to the community. I believe that positive events like these can truly save lives. I know it does, because I hear the stories directly from my attendees. And honestly – when I was a little girl conventions saved my life, too.

On Monday’s “Morning Joe,” you had some coverage of the chlorine gas attack at a Chicago hotel where children and others were taking part at a Furry fan convention. I was APPALLED at how you handled it.

Chlorine gas can be fatal. 19 people were sent to the hospital. They weren’t sent to the Starbucks. They weren’t sent to the local supermarket – they were HOSPITALIZED and could have died. This was a terrorist attack on American soil aimed at young people, children, and their families. Any other interpretation of this incident is irresponsible and sociopathic.

How do you reconcile that Mika Brzezinski appeared to almost endorse the use of terrorism toward children and others by her unprofessional, dismissive, and shameful actions on this news segment? I actually felt sick watching her conduct.

Would Ms. Brzezinski still feel this way if her child were at a football game and this happened?

I don’t care if you think that their art or their costumes were funny. I can think that your pants are ugly and still respect you as a human being and not want you to be assaulted or killed. These people are human beings with families, hopes, dreams, and frankly they are a hell of a lot more positive and inspiring than the content that I saw on your channel this past Monday.

I am willing to bet that Ms. Brzezinski is capable of talking about the KKK in a more professional manner than she exhibited last Monday toward good people who had only come together to have a good time for the right reasons.

Furry Conventions have helped countless people through their charity and humanitarian work. And as a reward for that – MSNBC seems to think that it’s OK to terrorize and attempt to kill American children and families just as long as you don’t like or don’t understand them. Am I correct?

If that’s not the message you intended to send, if for some reason Ms. Brzezinski is not a bigoted, hypocritical, and unprofessional individual, I welcome a positive and polite conversation with MSNBC on this topic. I am a mere 45 minute commute from your studio and would welcome the chance for a cordial conversation.

I can guarantee you that in the process you’ll learn something wonderful and understand a perspective that you may not have considered – but really should.


 New Guest Announcement: Sophie (Aldred) Henderson, Seventh Doctor Companion Ace

GUYS. That whole Doctor Who Convention I’m running. GUYSGUYSGUYSGUYSOMGGUYS:

I am thrilled to be able to work with Sophie Aldred this year.


(Re)Generation Who is very happy to add Sophie (Aldred) Henderson to our already extensive guest list for this year. Sophie played Ace, companion to the Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy. Sophie will be at (Re)Generation Who for all three days of the event, and will be available for Signings, Photo ops, and panel/event appearances.

With the addition of Sophie we will be scheduling some special event signings and photo ops, namely cast signings/photos for the episode “Dragonfire” (Sophie’s first appearance as Ace) with Sylvester McCoy, Sophie, and Patricia Quinn–and “Remembrance of The Daleks”, with Sylvester McCoy, Sophie, and Terry Molloy. An additional special event cast signing/photo op will be for the episode “Revelation of The Daleks” with Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, and Terry Molloy.

(Re)Generation Who is going to be filled with these events and more, so you might want to register for the event and grab one of the last rooms available in the hotel now before they are all gone.


 Day of the Tentacle Special Edition announced; plus Grim Fandango date

If you don’t know what Day of the Tentacle or Grim Fandango are, you need to get that education really fast. I am not big into modern video games. However vintage games are my thing. These 2 games were 2 of the best games.

Day of the Tentacle was a sequel to the awesome Maniac Mansion. Grim Fandango was a standalone game but similarly the best. Also it’s based on Mexican Day of the Dead mythology. HELLO.

If you have not had a chance to play these great games, this will be your opportunity to do so without having to emulate them. While I am happy that more people will be able to experience such quality games I can’t help but be a little annoyed that we can get remakes, but not new games in this style. That is one reason that I have long dropped out of the console gaming thing and can only very rarely be convinced to engage in a PC game.



 Joshua Harkin and the Wicked Nightmare King

We talk about Intervention and the impact it has on people. One of our Intervention attendees got his first book deal. Maybe this year he can present at the con. :)


“It all started with a bad dream; one that came back and haunted Joshua, every night, with the feeling of being chased by some dark, unseen force every time he fell asleep. As his restless nights lead to missed school, avoiding his friends, and a powerful feeling of hopelessness, Joshua is told to ask his Grammy Estella, who many believe to be a witch, for help. Grammy Estella gives Joshua a colorful glass bauble, and and when she sends him off to bed that night his problems seem to go away. That is, until one day when Marcus and Amelia, Joshua’s two best friends, visit. Marcus demands to know what the bauble is, and taunts Joshua for having a silly little dreamcatcher. While throwing the bauble around, it breaks on the floor, and all of the wickedness trapped within, captured from Joshua’s worst nightmares, escapes. It whisks Marcus off to a world of dreams known as the Sleep State, and forces Joshua on a journey that will span both the Waking World and Sleep State in order to rescue his friend and finally confront the nightmares that plagued him for so long.”

Do me a favor. Go here now. Buy his book and post a review up. Support people doing good shit, guys.

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