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 Oni Haunts: Legends: A Haunting at Old Town 2013: Kissimmee, Florida

Building upon our review of Legends: A Haunting at Old Town, here is the Oni Haunts show featuring it!


 Oni Haunts Episode 3 (part 2): Universal Studios Orlando Halloween Horror Nights 2013

Oni Haunts Episode 3 (Part 2) is now available to watch and features Universal Studios Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 2013:


 Oni Haunts Episode 3 (part 1): Universal Studios Orlando Halloween Horror Nights 2013

Oni Haunts Episode 3 (Part 1) is now available to watch and features Universal Studios Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 2013:

Check out part 2 here.


 My Disney’s Haunted Mansion iPhone 5s case is the best ever

Hell yeah, Disney’s Haunted Mansion case for my iPhone 5s!

It took a lot of searching in Disney World, but I found it. I like how it’s understated so that, unless you are in the know, you won’t know. It’s a good way to quickly find new potential friends because if you are down with Disney’s Haunted Mansion we probably have a lot in common.

If you want one of these babies you’ll have to ask for a Disney Cast Member to search it out in the computer. There were 2 left in Once Upon a Toy in Downtown Disney. The other version is more common, but kind of corny:

Disney: Trying hard every day to minimize the legitimacy of The Haunted Mansion and put happy-dappy squishy cartoons all over it that aren’t remotely in the same art style of the ride. That might explain why the version that I got is harder to find than this one.

Truthfully, both cases are nice. The second one is probably a nod toward Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, an event that is great for kids but didn’t appeal to us at all. BLECH!

Normally the cartooning is far more obnoxious than this. But it’s the same school of thought that puts giant 3D Pluto and Mickey in bright colors on a lot if the Haunted Mansion merchandise, so I gotta say something. :)

Also? If anyone can find out when they are getting more Dooney and Bourke Haunted Mansion bags PLEASE let me know. I heard they only made 70 of them and they sold out in minutes. Disney Parks blog claimed there would be more coming in and they would be available online but I have heard all kinds of conflicting stories from cast members. They were online for a brief time before they (you guessed it) sold out in minutes. I refuse to pay speculator prices on eBay, because FFS it’s already assclown expensive.

I don’t normally want items BUT I WANT THIS BAG.

Disney is super consistent in preventing me from giving them more stupid money.


 Kissimmee, FL: Legends: A Haunting at Old Town year-round haunted house brings the Terror on Church Street attitude back to the Disney World area!

Finally, someone is bringing legit back to central Florida. Grimm House, the old year-round haunted house in Kissimmee, Florida (minutes away from Disney World in Orlando) was closed, gutted, expanded, and an entirely new haunted attraction just launched under new ownership. This new haunt is at least twice the size of Grimm House.

Legends: A Haunting at Old Town is a year-round attraction that is currently in soft launch with a grand opening this November.

Hmm! A spooky house! I know, let's go in!

This is a must do attraction. We have not been this excited about a new haunt in quite some time. Central Florida has needed a good year-round haunt ever since Terror on Church Street closed. Now, here it is.

Nothing bad could POSSIBLY happen in here, right?

It was obvious to us that not only do these guys have the resources but they also have the brains to do it right. The front facade will be totally redone in the coming months along with constant updates. Yes, it’s scary. It’s for adult haunt fans. It’s not for babies.

They plan to change the haunt to suit the seasons. Jim, one of the owners, described it to us as “part Haunted Mansion, part Jungle Cruise” because of the theatrical element they blended in with this haunted attraction. I’ll explain that later.

Harknell and I had the opportunity to experience this haunt this past Saturday, which was their second day of operation ever. We were shocked at how well everything was working. It’s unheard of to have a haunt working this well that quickly. Normally haunts try and prevent us from coming that soon because most take weeks to get things right.

We found out that one reason why it’s firing on all gears is that some actors from the famous but now closed Terror on Church Street in Orlando now work here. It’s pro all the way.

You start out being led in groups of 6 through the attraction with a person speaking to you in the first couple of rooms. You are touring a funeral parlor, but (of course) Mr. Ashdown, the undertaker, plans to kill you.

Then you are on your own as you ascend to the top level (yes, there are multiple levels) and have to fend your way through the haunt on your own.

Most striking is that a large number of these props and set pieces are custom made for this haunt. We could tell – the detail inside has to be seen to be believed. You just don’t see this very often anymore in the age of budget cuts and disposable culture that we now live in. Many haunts like to take the easy route and to buy off the rack. These guys clearly created a narrative and built their own world around it – piece by piece.

They did it right. You’ll see MASSIVE rooms that have lush vistas of terror. You’ll encounter animatronics that are placed appropriately with actors for distraction scares. They do not rely on technology here-they use it the right way.

In addition to this, they had a beautiful gift shop.

There are actors outside (including a feisty Mr. Ashdown on stilts), and they are also in charge of the Old Town Halloween festival. So to recap – they’ve done the decor for the entire area, scare actors for the area, choreographed impromptu outbreaks of Thriller and other mayhem, plus opened a haunted house that can stand head to head with the likes of Universal Studios and Busch Gardens.

Yeah, this guy, too.

Legends: A Haunting at Old Town is poised to be the next big thing to hit central Florida since the 90s. You should go to this now, and go often. Tickets are $15 and that gets you about 20 minutes of a high-quality haunted house.

EDIT: We made a video about it:

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