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2014, New Art

Oni and William see a pizza in love with Miss T Rex who won the Miss T Rex beauty contest plus naked mole rats

New art! Click for larger:

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I’ve been feeling a bit depressed lately. I hear that January is the worst for this. We have been shut in because of bad snowstorms. Anyone else having trouble? How do you shake it off?

New Art

Expedition Everest painting in Autodesk Sketchbook Pro

I received a promotional copy of Autodesk Sketchbook Pro. Overall I am impressed. I will write up a review later, but for now check out the painting of Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s Expedition Everest yeti that I did in it in one sitting. I love that I can basically blend paints with with hands like traditional paints. I have been meaning to draw the yeti more often. I don’t like that all of the merchandise in Disney Parks has a white yeti when the yeti is clearly brown. This is my take on it that is more true to color.


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