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2016, New Art

REVEAL: Intervention 7 Official Con T Shirt Artwork by Oni Hartstein

GUYS. This is super special because it’s one of the first things I’ve been able to design after having recovered from eye surgery that restored my sight . I also think it’s the best con t shirt I have ever designed.


Definitely pre-order one of these!


We can’t order a lot of extra t shirts, so the only way to guarantee that you’ll get one in your size is to pre-order it and it will be waiting for you at the merch table when you arrive at the con. We will only have a small number of t shirts in limited sizes available at the con.

Pre order your shirt via the registration form. Note that this is the regular con t shirt. I will reveal the design for the VIP T Shirt soon.

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8 days until freedom: Eye Surgery, Invisalign, and Art

I have 8 days left until I can get rid of the temporary lenses in my glasses and get my final prescription after my eye surgeries that un-blinded me. I also get my Invisalign off on the same day, funny enough.

Right now I feel like Mel Gibson in Braveheart minus all of the bigoted trash he has rammed up the crack of his rich man kilt.

I am so tired of this shit. I loathe Invisalign for more than one reason, but I have to admit that so far they are pretty much the only option for an adult that works in a job where she has to be super visible so I do recommend them. When compared to my experience with metal braces as a kid – which actually didn’t even work – I’d take Invisalign any day. However the shit gets really old after about a year. Couple that with major eye surgeries and you will get to F this Shit O’ Clock really fast.

I really didn’t intend to re create having glasses and braces at the same time like a kid as an adult, but hey, I didn’t expect for what little sight I had to quickly take a nose-dive off of Oh Shit Beach into Hell No Landing within a year.

I have a few complications from the eye surgery, but one that I knew about before getting it was that my eyes would immediately lose their ability to focus. As I understand it, we focus our eyes by using muscles to move our eye’s flexible natural lens a bit. When we get to be 40-50 our lenses start to harden and then you need bifocals. Well I am not 40 – the surgery artificially induced that to happen to me instantly. And let me tell you – that was a whole bag of crazy to get used to.

Because I had a temporary prescription that I have to lift up and down from my eyes to be able to see close/far while my eyes have been healing. From day to day I have no idea what the hell is going on or what I am seeing in some cases. I am optimistic that when I get my new glasses and no longer have to constantly take my glasses off and on that I’ll adjust easier. It kind of feels like I am wearing an out of date pair of glasses right now. Actually my husband’s glasses correct me better than mine right now.

But enough with all of this shit. I’m able to make art again! Here are some previews / thumbnails of what’s coming up:


They eventually look something like this, but hell if I know – I’m still learning how to use my eyes:


2014, New Art

Pittsburgh: Kennywood’s LeCachot ride art

The best ride at Kennywood before 1998 was Le Cachot.

This ride was a Bill Tracy and Bill Cassidy collaboration that you can read about over here. It was a shame that in 1998 the ride suffered a fire and burnt down.

EDIT: Josh says:

“I wanted to make some corrections: The ride did not burn down. There was a fire but occurred after the ride was already mostly torn down. The park would have loved to have saved it but it was very outdated in regards to fire codes (the track was outdated and the building was old and in horrible condition). It would have been expensive to rebuild the building and track. The props were auctioned on ebay and sold to collectors. This was my favorite dark ride of all times and I would give almost anything to ride it one more time.”

Considering that an entire one of these rides can be bought for under $10,000 and that there is no shortage of haunters who would have helped put this together I had hoped that they would have rebuilt it. Unfortunately that did not happen. This treasure was forever lost. The remains were purchased by a haunter and to my knowledge are in storage and/or split up and re purposed into various places.

Le Cachot was my first ride of this type and the ride that cemented my love for classic Dark Rides. I only hope that one day I can be in the position to rebuild this ride myself if no one else will come forward. I am sure someone has the plans.

Anyway, here is my art tribute to Le Cachot – one of the greatest rides in Kennywood history. Click for larger:

See more of my art here.

Like my work? Purchase a signed 13×19 archival poster of this piece.

2014, New Art

Dads and Daughters Take Over the World with Science!

So, I spend all of this time encouraging artists of all kinds to go for their dreams. Unfortunately I tend to help everyone else except myself such that my comic isn’t even running right now.

It is a full time job to work a full time job plus organize a convention in Rockville, MD this August (that you should register for right now), do reviews of fun things like haunted attractions, and everything else. I think it breaks down into at least 3 full time jobs with me doing all of the Marketing, sponsorship, PR, outreach, art, and writing. I also work and raise most of the operating budget. I am glad that Harknell fills in with some of the writing during Halloween season and does the code part of the website so that I don’t have to. He also handles the infrastructure of Interventon.

Both of us work crazy hours but it is worth it.

Anyway, my goal this year is to get my creative works back on track. I have to admit that the grind of making a multiple times a week webcomic got to me after about 10 years. I just don’t enjoy having to come home from an already busy work day and chaining myself to a computer.

I’ve tried. Some artists can always draw. I shut down when I am tired. My creativity comes in bursts, which make it perfect for book releases and art that I spend more time on per panel such as the piece below. I don’t think that I can force myself to be a drawing machine. I am more content to focus on 1 piece and he cool stuff that I can accomplish within that one panel.

In many ways I felt like a failure because of this. I just can’t force myself to work any other way, though.

Then again who says that producing a large number of comics per week is the only way things can be done? No one, really.

So I am trying a new thing nowadays.

1. Working on a book.
2. Working on pieces like this one below. I want to get my portfolio together and perhaps try to work with Disney Fine Art or the like.

I do not know that much about this area of the art world, so if anyone has any thoughts, please email me and give me a heads up. Right now I am figuring it out at the same rate that I get my stuff in order. :)

This piece I did for Mark Frauenfelder of Boing Boing / MAKE Magazine because I really love how his book, Maker Dad is targeted at Dads and their daughters. Moms are rightfully celebrated in our culture but I think that the positive impact that Dads have on their daughters also needs to be celebrated.

I find that I do my best work when I am making things for other people, so that will be the lens that I work though. :)

Here’s some photos of the final printed on canvas:

Click the image for larger view:

See more of my art here.