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8 days until freedom: Eye Surgery, Invisalign, and Art

I have 8 days left until I can get rid of the temporary lenses in my glasses and get my final prescription after my eye surgeries that un-blinded me. I also get my Invisalign off on the same day, funny enough.

Right now I feel like Mel Gibson in Braveheart minus all of the bigoted trash he has rammed up the crack of his rich man kilt.

I am so tired of this shit. I loathe Invisalign for more than one reason, but I have to admit that so far they are pretty much the only option for an adult that works in a job where she has to be super visible so I do recommend them. When compared to my experience with metal braces as a kid – which actually didn’t even work – I’d take Invisalign any day. However the shit gets really old after about a year. Couple that with major eye surgeries and you will get to F this Shit O’ Clock really fast.

I really didn’t intend to re create having glasses and braces at the same time like a kid as an adult, but hey, I didn’t expect for what little sight I had to quickly take a nose-dive off of Oh Shit Beach into Hell No Landing within a year.

I have a few complications from the eye surgery, but one that I knew about before getting it was that my eyes would immediately lose their ability to focus. As I understand it, we focus our eyes by using muscles to move our eye’s flexible natural lens a bit. When we get to be 40-50 our lenses start to harden and then you need bifocals. Well I am not 40 – the surgery artificially induced that to happen to me instantly. And let me tell you – that was a whole bag of crazy to get used to.

Because I had a temporary prescription that I have to lift up and down from my eyes to be able to see close/far while my eyes have been healing. From day to day I have no idea what the hell is going on or what I am seeing in some cases. I am optimistic that when I get my new glasses and no longer have to constantly take my glasses off and on that I’ll adjust easier. It kind of feels like I am wearing an out of date pair of glasses right now. Actually my husband’s glasses correct me better than mine right now.

But enough with all of this shit. I’m able to make art again! Here are some previews / thumbnails of what’s coming up:


They eventually look something like this, but hell if I know – I’m still learning how to use my eyes: