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Monday morning geekery and To Do List

Good morning, Monday!

Now is when I take some time to contemplate what I did yesterday. What worked, what I should change, and create my To Do list for today and this week. Something that I find really important is to critically look at yourself every day and to not keep doing the same bullshit I did before if it’s not working.

IN THE MEANTIME you should register for Intervention: Sci Fi, Fantasy, & Future Media at http://www.interventioncon.com I’ll be releasing information about some of the programming soon.

Joining us this year is:

Gigi Edgley – “Chiana”, Farscape

Chiana Full length Blue

Todd Haberkorn – Voice Actor: “Hetalia”, “Fairy Tale”; Actor: “Spock”, “Star Trek Continues”

Todd Head shot 2

Robert Axelrod – Voice Actor Lord Zedd, Power Rangers


Pete Abrams – Sluggy Freelance

And of course James and I will be there doing presentations about the arts, marketing, and web design. I have a few secret creative projects that will be revealed soon. 1 thing I am probably going to make my Indie Marketing panel more interactive – and it will be a lot better since I CAN SEE THIS YEAR and I am no longer blind. :D I’m tweaking the format this year to be a bit more interactive.


I’ll also be looking for people to talk about cosplay and to help folks who are new to cosplay get started or get better. Contact us via the Intervention site if you fit this description of this panel.

Join me tonight at the ReGeneration Who 3 tickets go on sale we will be having an interactive G+ Hangout party.

Hangout starts at 7, tickets go on sale to the general public at 7:30.

But you should register for Intervention now. VIP art and T Shirt designs come out this week – because Tuesday is my last eye surgery and I can see again so I can make things again! :D