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Before and after eye surgery glasses

After getting my eye surgery which un blinded me I developed secondary cataracts which actually made my sight sort of worse than before. It is a common complication. I had the last laser procedure to clear it this past Tuesday (which was also my birthday) and now I’m seeing clearly – with some complications.

This Friday I will be getting my retina checked to make sure everything is OK Then I have to wait 5 weeks to get my final glasses prescription. I have a complication where my left eye sees white concentric rings from light sources in low light. (Parking garage, dim NJ apartment.) It’s when my iris is open the widest. My doctor says that this was the best they could do given the severe deformity I had in my left eye. They can fix that, but it’s a really invasive and risky procedure that no one wants to do on me because of how risky it already was. I am pretty sure I am not going to pursue that option.

If this is the best it gets, it’s still the equivalent of going from blind to Betamax to IMAX. The results are still mind blowingly amazing. I went from a -20+ something to -1. I don’t need eye correction whatsoever to do things in my apartment anymore, such as reading books, and writing this blog post. I only need it for distance – driving and such.

I hadn’t seen color properly for my entire life. I do now, which you can see in this post that shows my art before and after surgery.

I have another good visual example of before and after surgery differences. Check out the purple glasses (my pre-surgery glasses) vs. my post surgery glasses in black. The purple ones didn’t even allow me to see well so I needed help moving about. They also cost about $1000 and a specialist had to make them. The black ones are thin, allow me to see, and cost a normal price.








I’ve been doing a lot of staring at random things. I’ll be taking a week off in May to just walk around and stare and plants and wildlife. Did you know that orange is really bright? Or that male bluejays are actually blue? There’s pictures on the walls of restaurants…holy CRAP, guys!

I can’t easily describe it but I just start crying at random times because everything looks so beautiful.