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PRESS: Doctor Who: (Re)Generation Who Baltimore Sun photoshoot results; Paste Magazine!

I’m back!

YEAH HELL YEAH @regenerationwho #ReGenWho http://www.RegenerationWho.com

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It’s been a very hard yet positive time frame. I ended up working so hard that both Harknell and I nearly hospitalized ourselves. It was like a perfect storm of bad surprises ended up hitting our lives since the tragedy we faced last November and my job loss.

But still. We did it. (Re)Generation Who is a smash success! The attendees were so pleased that many broke down in literal tears of joy. We got a standing ovation at the end. I have a pile of presents that were left for me also. I am so grateful. I love you guys so much.

A small selection of gifts attendees left for me at @regenerationwho #ReGenWho TY! :)

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We pulled off the impossible! Not only were we one of the strongest first year conventions ever, we also got the support of Mr. Tom Baker, the 4th Doctor for our first event!

We also had these 2 handsome men with us – Sylvester McCoy and Colin Baker. They were a dream to work with – so supportive and sweet. 2 of the most beautiful human beings I have had the pleasure of knowing. I miss them:

2 handsome men last weekend at @regenerationwho #regenwho http://www.RegenerationWho.com #doctorwho

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I got to interview Nicola Bryant (Peri). She is another wonderful human being – absolutely on my wavelength. Such a joy to work with her:

Nicola Bryant interviewed by me at #regenwho @regenerationwho

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and Terry Molloy (Davros). Terry is also one of my favorite people in the world. A very talented actor and such a cheerful guy:

Me interviewing Terry Molloy @regenerationwho #regenwho photo by @bitgamer

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With a nearly full house all weekend, a lot of press coverage on TV, radio, and in the newspaper – we are set to grow this even larger in the years to come. I am so excited that I have something that I can grow into a truly useful tool for the artists, actors, and attendees out there. The focus on PEOPLE and families will never change no matter how big we get!

Here are some photos from our Baltimore Sun photoshoot. We were the cover and center spread in the weekend edition!

Otakon didn’t even manage this in their first year. YEAH! Anyone who is surprised that we could manage this hasn’t been paying attention. The laws of physics cease to apply when I’m working on a con. I don’t just pull off the impossible.


I’d take off and eat my own pants if I thought it would make the con better for the people going to it.





Man, everyone always wants me to pose like if I have Draculas in my vagina.



We also were just featured in Paste Magazine. This is a phenomenal look at what happened-at our event. Definitely read this one!

I’ll be back soon with my personal recap. I’m still exhausted, guys. I really took the dial above the red for this one way too long.

But you know what? I am so excited to do it again!

In the meantime, you should register for Intervention which happens this August 14-16. That’s my 1st convention which has been running since 2010. Come here and spend a weekend learning how to be more amazing. I am teaching a Marketing Masterclass and there will be an entire track on how to run cons! All cons are welcome! Let’s create a supportive network of positive people!