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Mario Badescu Spa NYC review: In which I try to be a girl and have only a small amount of success maybe

In my series of fails when I try to be a girl, I took a day to go into NYC last weekend to a spa. I’ve heard great things about spas and facials, but have actually never tried one so I decided to try Mario Badescu for a basic facial and skin are consultation. It’s only $65 and people seem to love them so I figured, “Why not?”

I have mixed feelings about the whole experience. I told them that I had never been to a spa before but they didn’t really explain that much. They also didn’t ask me up front about any allergies. The facial itself was nice enough – they basically assess your skin and tell you what they see that needs to be treated. Since its winter it was no surprise that dryness and fine lines were a thing – that’s actually my main concern. My face has been getting killed by this winter.

They did some random shit that I guess was cleansing and then steamed my face and did what they call “extractions”. That’s basically them manipulating your face to get rid of any junk in your skin. It’s a bit painful and I am not sure if this is actually good for you. I’ll have to ask my dermatologist when I see her next. Then they do a face mask. They upsold me to a brightening vitamin C mask as well which was an additional $35.

The problem I had with this is that, while the whole experience was actually pretty cool, they didn’t explain that much to me about what they were doing, what they were using, or what I should expect and do afterward. I found out through google after I got home that apparently I wasn’t supposed to wash my face that night but oops – I had already.

The entire process actually made my face more irritated and more hydrated and nice in equal measure in the first day and better on the second and third days. I read that this is normal, but again, I’ll have to ask my dermatologist if this is actually a good idea. Regardless I wanted to try this at least once in my life.

The skin consultation was good except for one thing – I clearly said that I was highly allergic to avobenzone and oxybenzone (chemical sunscreen), but they didn’t seem not know what that was or have the ingredient list on hand. As nice as they were, I left the shop with a sample kit that included – you guessed it – avobenzone sunscreen in the ingredients.

Whomp whomp.

It’s a good thing that I googled the full ingredient list before using it. On the bright side, they were friendly and the sample bag they gave me was huge and even included stuff for Harknell.


I’d like to get my skin in better shape than it is now after being attacked by Winter and I don’t yet have a Go To routine. My dermatologist is awesome but Dermatologists aren’t always into various daily skin care issues. I find that they generally seem to focus on treating skin conditions rather than anti-aging and maintenance – at least in my experience.

I tried the stuff Mario Badescu gave me and while it made my skin feel more hydrated, I had a weird warm feeling on my face that signals that I am allergic to something in it so I switched back to my regular Cetaphil and Oil of Olay for the time being.

The jury is out on if spa facials are a good idea or a pile of ballhockey. I definitely enjoyed going but the redness afterward and the fact that Mario Badescu swas so lax about allergies and explaining what was going on makes me think that I am going to try Kiehl’s next. I definitely would return here, though.

I fail so hard at being a girl. Back to the normal plan: