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Invisalign review: Sharp trays injure me and I am unhappy

I got Invisalign this week after having saved up for it for about 10 years. It’s basically clear braces. It looks like it will prevent me from needing to get jaw surgery or breaking more of my teeth. I am currently recovering from having had terrible or no healthcare growing up. You can’t undo that damage. You just can’t. But some things can be fixed and this is one of them.

I am often on TV and/or speaking in front of people, so metal braces were not an option for me at this point. I can see it now – me on The Today Show with metal braces like a 10 year old. No.

I do recommend Invisalign so far because I don’t think there’s another good option for an adult, but can’t say that I am impressed with them. Some of it might have to do with what seems like the company cutting costs.

When you get Invisalign they install white bumps on your teeth that apparently grip the clear trays that you have to wear on upper and lower teeth (assuming you are getting both top and bottom worked on).

They don’t mention anything about how, if you eat even the mildest curry, your teeth will immediately look like they are covered in boogers. My dentist didn’t even believe me until he saw it.

I brushed my teeth for 20 minutes with whitening toothpaste and my gums literally bled. I could not get it out. He has to blast me with baking soda and bleach to get it out.

I googled this and I read somewhere that they recently switched to a new, more breathable material. Great. So that tells me they probably cut production costs.

To make matters worse, the trays they gave me are sharp and injure my mouth a lot.
Literally it’s like having a razor blade in my mouth. It feels like an almost right angle sharp rim of plastic on the lower tray. I have cut my tongue multiple times and the entire tip of my tongue is really red – including while speaking to my boss during a meeting at work. I have a huge blister on the inside of my left cheek. This is fucking grand.

My JOB is speaking in front of and with large groups of people.

My dentist could sand these down but he’s an hour away in NYC and I have 10 trays for the first sprint. You change them every 2 weeks. I found out it was sharp after I got home. I called my dentist and he said he had started getting many complaints over the sharp trays.

On what god damn planet does it make sense to make a product that goes in your mouth that has sharp edges that would take the dentist probably an hour to sand all 10 down?

I spoke to friends of mine who had this before me and they did not have a tray that was sharp. If you google it many people now have these problems. Invisalign should be ashamed of themselves for what looks like lowering the quality on their expensive product to the point that it injures people. I had less injury with metal braces as a kid.

I’ve spent about 30 minutes trying to sand this down with a nail file so that I can talk without cutting my tongue again. Here’s hoping my second tray set in 2 weeks doesn’t have like, a gorilla or an AK-47 attached to it or something.

I hope the results are worth it because it looks like my year with Invisalign is going to be hell. Not a minute goes by that my attention isn’t on this sharp thing in my mouth that hurts like hell.

EDIT: I managed to use a nail file to get rid of the sharpness on the bottom tray, but it looks like the top tray wasn’t completely formed and does not encapsulate all of my teeth. Somehow the top left molar was left out of the tray and the tray ends early. So it’s going to be a permanent blister unless I use dental wax on it. I’ve phoned my dentist. If this last issue weren’t a thing, I believe it would be fixable / mostly fine.

Invisalign has phoned me regarding this post so I will be speaking with them as soon as I can.