2015, Oni's Life

Invisalign review Pt. 2: Mom bloggers assemble; then they called my dentist without my consent.

This is a follow up to my previous post where I postulate that Invisalign may have lowered their quality because the trays I got had sharp edges. I had googled and many others were making this complaint.

There is a practice in Marketing that I personally find to be disgusting. I’ll explain it to you and you can make your own judgement on what it is.

A big company recruits Mom bloggers (who may not have much money) and gives them (in this case) at least between $4000 and $8000 worth of free Invisalign. Said Mom Bloggers then will message people like me who make posts like I did to tell them how great Invisalign is.

I call this being “MommySmacked”.

No where in that equation did Invisalign address my actual complaint – which was that I believe that they have possibly changed the way their product is made for the worse. I’d like for it to at least be noted by them so that folks who get this after me may have less trouble.

I have a problem with MommySmacking because in my personal opinion – not many people would still be honest after getting something that expensive for free. Some may, but that goes out the window for me when I notice that every one of the people look a certain way. All seem to use the same phrases. They speak about the product in the same way. They use the same or similar jokes.

I mean, really. Who do YOU know in your personal life who is attractive, perfect hair and makeup, and LOVES to post on the internet doing kissy faces with the hashtag #InvisaLife when it’s not a Rule 34 situation? I mean, just LOOK AT THIS, guys.

There is a subtle pressure to promote your benefactor in my opinion. I believe that you can EASILY tell who is being honest and who is just spouting what they were told to say if you google for a short while. It’s also a dead giveaway when everything is positive and there’s no negative about anything ever.

The reason I have worked as an ambassador with companies such as Busch Gardens and others is because they have blogger groups but ALWAYS encouraged us to be honest so that they can make things better. We were kind of like beta testers who help others. I was NEVER a marketing shill.

THIS is why I have the comments turned off on my blog. It’s not because of profanity or off color comments – it’s because many companies send people to comment on my blog if I so much as mention their brand name. The record was that I have close to 50 of them commenting on one post that I made about a mobile phone. The comments stopped mysteriously when that company went out of business.

I even had one of these Invisalign Moms complain that my comments were off.

I was angry at Invisalign and let them know that I was getting ticked off at their MommySmacking. Please, stop.

Invisalign asked me to contact them over this, so I did. I specifically put “N/A” in the field of the form for my dentist because he’s got nothing to do with their Marketing practices.

But Invisalign looked him up somehow and instead of addressing my actual concern – phoned my dentist without my consent.

So now I have to call my dentist tomorrow, apologize to him, and explain that he got a phone call because I dared to write about how much I disagree with Invisalign’s practice of Mommysmacking people rather than actually answering questions and taking honest feedback about the production of their product.

I doubt I am going to change anything with this post. I’m absolutely gobsmacked that they would be so tone deaf to call someone’s doctor without asking them first.

I am writing this so that you all as consumers will know these types of practices when you see them. I personally believe that unbiased opinions are hard to come by in today’s Marketing climate where a regular person can easily be converted into a salesperson without a salary. I also believe that it’s a damn shame when Marketing gets in the way of good Customer Service.

I still do not think that Invisalign is a bad product. I do feel that they should fire their ad agency or whoever is doing brand strategy for them.