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Sweetest Sin Boutique in Red Bank, New Jersey cares about getting your money, not your patronage

Guys, I’ve been having a very long few months and just finished up working 140 hours in 7 days. Now I got ripped off by a New Jersey local *bra shop* of all places. This might explain to you why I do a lot of my shopping out of state.

It’s the little things that make life so amazing.

Last April I decided it would be a good idea to buy some bras at Sweetest Sin Boutique in Red Bank, New Jersey. I hadn’t replaced my bras in years. It was bad. But I am generally in a different city every weekend so I just don’t have the time to shop recently. It was way overdue. The sales associate definitely seemed to want to upsell me. I only wanted very simple and versatile bras that would fit under most types of clothing with no fuss. They still brought out all kinds of bras.

I get it. This isn’t a problem. Every store does this. The problem was that the sales person stopped just short of hard selling me on special ordering a 4th bra. I had just gotten paid so I figured “Why not?”


That bra was unavailable in the color I wanted so they had to order it for me. It ended up being on back order for something like 4 weeks. I actually had to phone to make sure they hadn’t forgotten about me. It finally came in and then I was out traveling on business for 2 weeks. I didn’t end up getting this bra until later.

I wore it once once I received it – the pain was incredible. Within a couple of hours I had red bruises where the underwire was digging into my flesh. It was a bad scene. I went to Sweetest Sin’s website and it says “All sales final”. I thought at that point that I was an idiot for shopping locally at a shop that doesn’t stand by it’s service. I trusted them to fit me properly. They fit me incorrectly but all sales are final. I posted on their Facebook page about my disappointment on that policy since their sales person was the one urging me to buy this particular bra. They replied that I should come in and let them exchange it.

I immediately felt like I had overreacted. OK cool.

They have limited hours and are located about an hour away from where I live and 2 hours from my office so my attempt to get there before crunch time for InterventionCon failed. I got there after they were closed. Then I lost 2 weeks preparing and running my event. I finally got there today.

When the owner tells you to come in and exchange an item you assume that’s what’s going to happen. Instead I was put on trial.

You might be able to tell that I generally am pretty happy go lucky. Except if I encounter bad attitudes and people wasting my time.

Brace yourself because we have both here.

It was obvious from the start that the name of this game was to find loopholes in what I was saying so that they didn’t have to help me. I actually almost cut the conversation short because I don’t have time to engage in petty stuff like this. But still – I wanted to give them a chance before I blew up. I waited through everything they had to say to me.

First they looked my name up. I could detect an immediate look of disdain. They mentioned to me that I hadn’t purchased many bras from them in the past. I have to assume that there is a magical number of bras that you have to purchase before they treat you with respect. I am only a globally-recognized business owner with over 6000 unique readers per day that travels all the time. I must be significantly less cool than someone who has time to do all of their shopping in the same state that they live in.

Then they asked me what the problem was. I explained politely that I had been fitted here for this bra but the underwire caused bruises when I wore it once. I explained that I had posted on their facebook page and the owner had told me to come in to exchange it. They immediately accused me of wearing this bra since April. As I detailed above, you’ll see that I didn’t even have this bra in my possession until later than that.

But then again – I’m on trial here.

I didn’t come into this store to be on trial. I came back because I was instructed by the owner to come back and exchange this.

Every step of the way is was stuff like this. Next she phoned the owner and compared the bra to another one of the same type and tells me that the owner says that they would only do an exchange if the bra was defective. I explain that the bra is fine, the size they fit me in was wrong.

Then she looks up the other bras of different brands that I bought which worked well. I am then told that since this is the same size as those bras it should fit.

It’s bra fitting 101 that each brand of bra does not adhere to the same sizing scale. It’s just like any other article of clothing. It varies by brand. I was so clear at this point that they were just trying to push me off. They explained to me that they wouldn’t take it back. I let them know something like this:

“It’s not personal, but I will never be coming back here. I was told to come here for an exchange and this completely wasted my time.”

And yet still they were trying to somehow convince me to come back later? NO! Why on earth would I do that? After working 140 hours in 7 days this is how my only free day is spent? Being on trial in a bra shop? Are you kidding me?

I learned a valuable lesson – and that valuable lesson is to always shop at Nordstrom. Nordstrom has gotten the sizing wrong in the past but every time has fixed it for me with no problem. It is in no way acceptable to be bruised and hurt by a +- $70 bra. It is also in no way acceptable to be put on trial by a sales associate.

The reason that I post this is because while I can afford to buy another nice bra somewhere else – not everyone can. I am aware that a lot of my readers like to shop where I do. It would hurt me a lot if some of you went here and got burned. I’m unliking the page in Facebook so that none of you will think that I am endorsing it. I in no way would ever endorse a business who treats people like this.

Shop at Nordstrom. Sweetest Sin in Red Bank, NJ is fine if they never fit you incorrectly. If they do make a mistake they will live up to the unfortunate NJ stereotype of doing a slapdash job and being jerky about it. Since I’d like to be able to take some pride in where I live – perhaps this is what upset me the most.

As I left the person told me that if I wanted I could come back on Tuesday and talk with the owner. Yeah, like I have the time to drive an hour + back here for a 3rd time and talk with someone about a stupid bra. Maybe next Judge Judy can come out and they’ll get some theme music in BRA COURT. But I won’t be there. I have actual things to accomplish in my life and a very nice donation of a new high-end bra to Goodwill to complete.

And that completes the +- $70 ad that they get from me for free for powerfully wasting my time and treating me like trash on my only day off.

EDIT: The owner is now messaging me on Yelp trying to get me to take my reviews down and has somehow managed to get Yelp to take my review down over there. I won’t remove it. It’s my legitimate experience.