2014, New Art

Dads and Daughters Take Over the World with Science!

So, I spend all of this time encouraging artists of all kinds to go for their dreams. Unfortunately I tend to help everyone else except myself such that my comic isn’t even running right now.

It is a full time job to work a full time job plus organize a convention in Rockville, MD this August (that you should register for right now), do reviews of fun things like haunted attractions, and everything else. I think it breaks down into at least 3 full time jobs with me doing all of the Marketing, sponsorship, PR, outreach, art, and writing. I also work and raise most of the operating budget. I am glad that Harknell fills in with some of the writing during Halloween season and does the code part of the website so that I don’t have to. He also handles the infrastructure of Interventon.

Both of us work crazy hours but it is worth it.

Anyway, my goal this year is to get my creative works back on track. I have to admit that the grind of making a multiple times a week webcomic got to me after about 10 years. I just don’t enjoy having to come home from an already busy work day and chaining myself to a computer.

I’ve tried. Some artists can always draw. I shut down when I am tired. My creativity comes in bursts, which make it perfect for book releases and art that I spend more time on per panel such as the piece below. I don’t think that I can force myself to be a drawing machine. I am more content to focus on 1 piece and he cool stuff that I can accomplish within that one panel.

In many ways I felt like a failure because of this. I just can’t force myself to work any other way, though.

Then again who says that producing a large number of comics per week is the only way things can be done? No one, really.

So I am trying a new thing nowadays.

1. Working on a book.
2. Working on pieces like this one below. I want to get my portfolio together and perhaps try to work with Disney Fine Art or the like.

I do not know that much about this area of the art world, so if anyone has any thoughts, please email me and give me a heads up. Right now I am figuring it out at the same rate that I get my stuff in order. :)

This piece I did for Mark Frauenfelder of Boing Boing / MAKE Magazine because I really love how his book, Maker Dad is targeted at Dads and their daughters. Moms are rightfully celebrated in our culture but I think that the positive impact that Dads have on their daughters also needs to be celebrated.

I find that I do my best work when I am making things for other people, so that will be the lens that I work though. :)

Here’s some photos of the final printed on canvas:

Click the image for larger view:

See more of my art here.