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Desigual quality reminds me of the worst stereotype of fashion

I am the type of person who doesn’t like BS. I don’t believe that you should have to buy a shirt in order to wear the shirt you just bought. Women’s clothing tends to be transparent. I know this. It already pisses me off. I recently got to check out the Desigual store in NYC. Desigual seems to take this stereotype of high-priced cheap quality to an extreme. Does this look like what a $169 dress should be?

No way. I mean – come on! You can SEE THE DAMN HANGER AND READ THE WRITING ON IT. You could even see through it when it was nowhere near the light.

GUYS. WHY does it make sense to buy a see-through dress? Like why? Especially for that much money. There’s a lot of things I could buy that are useless for $169. Like, for example:

– A box of gold-plated toilet paper.
– A left-handed turkey-baster.
– A solar powered peacock umbrella. You know – for those times when it’s raining when the sun is out and you need to make sure your pet peacock is dry.

All of these things might make more sense than a transparent $169 dress. Maybe.

To put it in perspective I just bought a $169 dress from French Connection. The fabric on the FC dress is thick enough to actually prevent me from being naked. (WOW!! Imagine that!) It feels like it will probably last many years. The fabric is thick, highly pigmented, and easy to care for.

Then we have the idiots at Desigual selling see through dresses.

It makes me sick that shopping for women’s clothing can’t be easy. Something can be expensive and crappy. Something can be cheap and good. Most of my task when I shop for clothing is carefully sorting through crap to see which idiot is trying to sell me something that is cheaply made for 7x what it should cost. Then there are the companies who used to be great quality that now charge the same price and lowered the quality of the construction and materials. They don’t tell you that you are not actually buying the product that you think you are buying.

No, that would be too easy. Too honest.

I am a big advocate to buy investment pieces when possible. Why? Because the last place I want to have to go on the weekend is shopping when I could be making art. I find that there is a value point at which you can buy a piece that will last. If you can wear it for a long time, the cost per wear is far less than something that you have to replace in 6 months. The catch is to find out which brands actually make good products. That’s your time-sink. Your trial and error.

Shopping for clothing for work is not just a task – it’s basically something that I have to constantly incorporate into my life if I want to get any sort of results. GRR!

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  1. I once had a weird gig doing technical illustrations and pattern designs for a clothing importer. The majority of their stuff was cheaply made overseas, China, Taiwan, Afghanistan, Thailand, Pakistan, etc. The same garment lines were sold to a number of shops from KMart to boutique brands. Same stuff, different labels.

    The owner drove a pretty nice car.

    For me, I hate that the @#&%#$@# machine buttons on Men’s shirts start to fall off whether it’s the $15 one from Target or the $150 one from Barney’s

    Of course it’s probably the same shirt.

  2. Loved your comments! I am in my early 50’s and try to find funky clothes that are somewhat appropriate ! Lol ! I have found a line called Bali and tribal! Also found tees by viviana g! Nice but a little pricey so I wait for them to go on sale! Sorry to ramble but I was hoping you would have some advice on clothing that’s different and kinda unique! I refuse to end up a frumpy old lady! Thanks for lany help or advice!!

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