Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 23 Reveals 2013 Information: Cabin In The Woods

Universal Studios Florida has now posted some information on their site about their 2013 event Halloween Horror Nights 23. They will be including at least one house based on the movie “Cabin In The Woods“. Their tagline for the event is “What Evil has taken root?”, and they imply that an investigation by a lone blogger will reveal a deep seated evil that has taken hold. It’s not clear if this is indicative of the entire event, or just in relation to the Cabin in the Woods element (Small Spoiler bit: There’s a conspiracy in the movie that they could be referring to with this, but again, it’s not clear if they are going with the full backstory from the movie as their actual overall theme)

The first blog post includes the following video:

The only thing I can say as a negative is this does veer into previous Busch Gardens Howl O Scream Territory–with their “Dark Gardens” theme–but since this new theme is based on the movie they can get a pass.

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  1. [...] They announced the Joss Whedon / Cabin in the Woods haunted attraction when I was at work so Harknell posted about it (including the teaser video) for me. [...]

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