Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 23, 2013 – Evil takes root with Cabin in the Woods; Legendary Truth returns

They announced the Joss Whedon / Cabin in the Woods haunted attraction when I was at work so Harknell posted about it (including the teaser video) for me.

What do we know so far about this haunted house? Well the Unicorn, Sugarplum Fairy, Pain Gods, Unicorn and Merman will all be in it. We get to be new recruits in the facility on the day that things go crazy.

We will also see a return of the Legendary Truth this year. They actually bothered to even release merchandise for it. Longtime readers will note that one of our complaints has been the scarcity of merchandise for Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights.

What is Legendary Truth? LT is an interactive game that has been a part of the storyline in Orlando for many years. You can see Universal Studios’ presentation from Halloween Extreme here via Inside the Magic:

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2 Responses to “Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 23, 2013 – Evil takes root with Cabin in the Woods; Legendary Truth returns”

    • onezumi says:

      I did right before you posted this! :D Thanks for the heads up! I have to confess that I still totally don’t get how to play LT.

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