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Stand your ground, ignore the fear, be like a bear wolf unicorn

Just do it. That’s always been how I think, but it’s not always been easy.

I am planning ahead here and started thinking about all the new opportunities we have now that we didn’t have when we started. I want to take the time out to again thank all those who jumped in with Intervention in 2010 for our first year when we were absolutely unproven AND everyone who came/contributed in all the past years.

A family-friendly educational conference supporting internet DIY and geek/gaming convention where you can meet the best and brightest Thought Leaders around and find cool new art? That’s weird. No one had really done that before without a big company funding it.

But I knew we could do it and WE DID and ARE STILL DOING IT. I fully realize that not everyone thought we could. Not everyone knows me and how I work. Not everyone knows our staff and how they work. Now a lot of you do.

There comes a time in your life that you just have to stop complaining that things are getting worse and do something to make it better. Do something to create social change. I believe that social change happens in the community with families and individuals. That community is now global because of the Internet, which unites us.

If given the support to reach for the stars we can make something beautiful.

We didn’t even have our Children’s Program in 2010. We couldn’t afford it. 2011 – we planted that Moon (wo)Man on the face of awesome and continued to drive it home largely thanks to Corinne Simmers. Without her and Eric Hardenbrook it wouldn’t exist.

No where else can you get such close contact with basically a mini city of creative geeks and access to a whole week of board and video gaming. It’s not about Hollywood- it’s about you. Its about you and creative pros of all stripes who give a shit about you and the world in general.

Imagine a world where no matter who you are, what your gender identity or appearance is – you are welcome. We are a safe space for all and were one of the first events to have a comprehensive Anti-Harassment Policy.

No matter who you are or what you do, we got you covered and will be expanding from this point.

In 2010, we drew the line in the sand. Every year since then we pushed it further and further at great personal sacrifice and investment. I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s only onward and upward from here. I am already planning 2014.

You guys have TRUE faith in what we are doing. I truly appreciate that because none of this would have happened if you hadn’t.

If you haven’t considered attending before, you really should. If you haven’t registered yet, know that your advance registrations and donations are our primary stream of funding for the event.

Just like PBS we need you and you’ll have a blast: http://www.InterventionCon.com

Curious about what our event really is? Use this. Click it:

Printable version is here.