New year-round Haunted Attraction in NYC opening soon: Jekyll and Hyde’s Chamber of Horrors

It seems that there is an all-new Jekyll and Hyde that has opened in NYC. I have never been to any of their locations before, so I’m interested to see what this is all about. I am especially interested in the fact that they seem to be creating a year-round haunted attraction for this new location.

Finally someone does something cool. :) I’m constantly annoyed that the haunted attractions go away after haunt season. That’s a bunch of ballhockey if you ask me.

Anyway, check this out. I don’t have any information beyond this but I’ll keep an eye out to see what’s up. The catch is to see if they do this right. I have seen many year-round haunts suffer because they are lightly staffed and don’t invite repeat trips. Branching paths and an expansive narrative are 2 ways that I would design a haunt to address this issue. I am hopeful that this will kick ass.

Their Facebook page indicates that it is being developed by Bayville Scream Park, another haunt that I have not yet had the opportunity to review. Have you been there? Was it awesome?

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6 Responses to “New year-round Haunted Attraction in NYC opening soon: Jekyll and Hyde’s Chamber of Horrors”

  1. Ryan Powers says:

    You know there’s already a year-round haunted attraction in NYC, right? It’s called Times Scare. Right on 8th Ave between 42nd and 43rd streets.

    Just FYI.

    • onezumi says:

      Oh yeah – I reached out to them and never heard back which is why I haven’t gotten around to covering them yet. I will probably try and do both of these in a similar timeframe. :D thanks for the heads up! :D

    • onezumi says:

      Re-read – I should clarify my “Finally” comment was a joke on a Beavis and Butthead saying from back in the day! I didn’t literally mean that no one had done this before. :D

  2. Matt E. Horn says:

    This sounds cool We’ve been to the Jekyll and Hyde bars before which provided a fun environment to get drunk in. Times Scare is so so. Here’s our review of it.http://www.scare-zone.com/wordpress/archives/4277

    While we love year round haunts like you, we think they actually put on their best shows during haunt season (Sept-Nov).

    • onezumi says:

      Oh cool! thanks for posting that! I have heard not great reviews on Times Scares sadly-which is a factor. I’ll read your review right now! I think I will wait till haunt season and use it to fill a weekday since I work in the city now.

    • onezumi says:

      That’s dumb of them to tell you there was a 2 for 1 but not to honor it. :/

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