Keansburg New Jersey’s Spook House to reopen in 2014

When I found out that my Spook House had been destroyed by Hurricane Sandy along with much of Keansburg Park in Keansburg, New Jersey. “upset” would have been an understatement. The Spook House is/was the world’s oldest operating Pretzel ride. We went to see it often.

I am not ashamed at all to say that I cried like a howling 3 year old for about 10 minutes when I heard the news. If you don’t get why these types of vintage rides are rare and awesome you need some education, son. Harknell and I decided that we wouldn’t check out Keansburg’s reopening because I’d probably start crying again when I saw the carcass.


All of my attempts to reach Keansburg for comment about the Spook House were to no avail so I kind of made it a game to post about the Spook House at least once a week on their Facebook page or at least until I got some sort of reply. You can imagine my elation when I saw on their site that the Spook House is listed as reopening in 2014 after a complete renovation.


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One Response to “Keansburg New Jersey’s Spook House to reopen in 2014”

  1. Angie says:

    I was glad to see something written about the Spook House, but please don’t call all of the New Jersey shore “gross” just because of two classless reality stars. As a Hurricane Sandy survivor who had to evacuate twice, I feel that the NJ shore is now only more beautiful because of what we endured. So many lost everything they had, and some lost their lives during the Hurricane! Let’s focus on that and rebuilding, not the horribly fake and staged Jersey Shore show.

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