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Camp Nightmare: An Overnight-In-The-Woods Horror Camping Experience from Nightmare Haunted House NYC

This Summer will mark the first-ever Overnight-In-The-Woods Horror Camping Experience from the crew at Nightmare: NYC. Nightmare is responsible for Nightmare: Killers last year and will be doing Killers 2 this coming Halloween season. These guys always think out of the box and play with narrative which is precisely why I like them.

The summer camping experience is not a haunted house but an immersive experience. It takes place in Lexington, NY which is approximately 2.5 hours Outside of NYC

Camp Nightmare will run for 17 hours, 5pm – 10 am on two different nights: July 12th through 13th, and July 13th through the morning of the 14th.

“The intrepid campers staying at CAMP NIGHTMARE will experience a non-stop adrenaline rush from dusk till dawn, with only a brief reprieve for few hours of sleep. The 80 acres of land in Upstate New York contains heavy woods, open fields, trails, creeks, marshes, and about the creepiest most decrepit cabin in the woods you’ll ever see! The event starts at 5 pm and ends at 10 am the next day. Campers will be provided tents and two meals (dinner and breakfast, as well as s’mores for dessert!) There is limited space available each evening to make the event as intimate as possible.

CAMP NIGHTMARE is a battle for survival (to stay in the game). Each camper will begin with a score that throughout the evening will be deducted incrementally by the failure to complete certain tasks and conquer certain horrors. Instead of “winning” with the highest score, you try to survive and be the last remaining camper “alive” with any score remaining in your lifeline. Tasks ranging from setting up camp, winning a terrifying scavenger hunt, reaching hidden destinations while being chased, and enduring a number of trials that will test your limits of repulsion will all “kill-off” campers throughout the night to leave one person standing come morning. The lone survivor will win a special prize pack for their heroic effort.

Tickets for CAMP NIGHTMARE are $300 for a two-person tent and $500 for a 4-person tent and are only available in advance. Tickets will go on sale to the public ONLY IF the private reservations have not sold the tickets out before then on April 26th. They must be purchased by June 28th to be included in the event.

There is no electricity and cell phone reception is very limited.”

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