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Where did my EYEBROW GO?! Review: New Jersey’s Vito Mazza Spa and Salon in Woodbridge, NJ is the definition of Epic Fail

Brace yourself for a salon horror story of epic proportion.

As you know, I have been having a terrible time finding a good salon in Central Jersey. I’ve been to the gauntlet of poor service and unskilled stylists since I moved here. The best salon I have ever been to is an hour north of me in North Jersey. Sadly it is not always possible to drive an hour away for a salon service, so I was hoping to get a second salon near me for those in between days. Boy was I mistaken.

I talk all the time with women in New Jersey who are afraid of salons and I hate to hear that. Now I know why. I sit here writing to you with only a little over half of my eyebrows left. My hair has also been trashed beyond recognition thanks to Vito Mazza Salon and Spa. This all cost me over $500 over the course of about a year and they aren’t returning my phone calls or emails. I’ve been going back to the good salon to get back to looking like myself – thank god.

So in my opinion, Vito Mazza Salon and Spa has purchased over $500 of advertising from me. This blog post is part of that advertising. I hope they like it.

Last year I went to Vito Mazza for a brow wax. It was fine, but when I went back a second time they gave me to Carmen. I hadn’t gone to Carmen before. She waxed my brows uneven. I had to draw them in to not look like a freak. Thinking this was only a 1 time thing and because I am too nice I forgave it. I went to Maria at the same salon who got them back to normal over the course of months.

I paid for all of this and they never gave me a refund. This is OK (I guess) so far. I could have been more pushy about it. I guess.

Then last year I decided that for my birthday I would celebrate by trying something totally new. I got it in my head that I’d try blonde. I had never considered this before but last year to me was all about pushing me out of my normal boundaries. I saved up and because my hair is normally jet black it cost about $500 over the course of 2 visits. This was a big deal that I had saved up for for a long time. My stylist Daina was excellent. I was very happy with what she did. I have olive skin so it was a Jennifer Lopez-style blonde. Unfortunately Daina went on maternity leave and left me in the car of Kristin. I would have been better off just throwing my hard-earned money out of a car window.

Kristin is the nastiest, shittiest stylist I have ever had the misfortune of going to and she absolutely trashed me. I was in a jam – I needed to get my hair refreshed because I had a job interview the next day. She refused to do my hair because (it was obvious) she did not want to be there. The entire visit I had to listen to her complain about how much she hated her job and co-workers. It was incredibly awkward. It was a total Tabatha Takes Over salon moment.

Kristin asked me what nationality I was and then looked at me as if she had cramping gas. The entire time she appeared to be implying that I was ugly and my skin was not pale enough for her. This woman is horrendous and possibly racist. She forced me into doing dark red. Yes, I could have pushed back but because I had an interview the next day and I was going to go red in 2 months I decided fine let’s just get this done and let me get on with my life.

I didn’t know why but for some reason after this salon visit my hair was not laying right. I chalked it up to the fact that I was traveling to Florida. Maybe it was just the weather?

Nope. I went back to Vito Mazza 4 weeks later to a different stylist who thought I had had my hair done at a chop shop. She said it looked like someone intentionally burned the back of my hair and didn’t even finish the cut. She told me it would take at least 3 months to get my hair back to normal. The manager wasn’t there so I sent them a polite email to their Customer Service over a week before Hurricane Sandy that was ignored. When I phoned a few weeks after they tried to guilt me about checking on this because “some people lost their houses in the hurricane”.

The manager here is awesome. Way to make me feel like trash for just politely asking if anyone had gotten my message.

The TL;DR is that the manager then handled it, but not in the right way. My hair was fried almost to the point of falling out and they said they’d comp me getting what I had before. Well, my hair could not physically take being processed to blonde again. I attempted to explain this to them and they said that they’d leave a gift card on file for me for whatever I decided to do.

OK, fine. I went back in a few weeks later just to get it switched back to black – thinking that I would just use that gift card after my hair recovered. Nope, they forced me into using the comp for a $120 fix.

Let me spell this out for you – I had spent over $500 on a style that one of their stylists ruined. Their solution was to comp me $120.

Writing this out I do realize that I am too nice. I switched back to the good salon for hair and I immediately saw an improvement in the quality of my hair. At the time the good salon did not have a waxer so me not knowing anywhere else to go in Central Jersey decided to go to CJ at Vito Mazza. She had done a good job on me in the past. What could possibly go wrong? I had just has an issue with 1 stylist there, right?

Well she ripped off 1/3 of my left eyebrow and totally removed almost half of my right eyebrow from the arch to the end of the tail. She totally mutilated me, let me pay her, and when I saw in my car mirror that I looked like a screwed up alien I went back into the salon to politely complain. Again. The receptionist gasped when she saw my eyebrows.

They had a makeup artist halfheartedly draw my brow back in, gave me some brow filler (but no brush to apply it with) and didn’t refund my money. They just offered me a free return visit. I was kind of in shock that my brow was almost gone so…I got home and realized I’d been duped AGAIN, so I’ve been calling and emailing them to get a refund and they keep pushing me off the phone and ignoring my emails. So I have given up. I will never go near here again.

Don’t go here. I will never be this nice again. Shame on me.

The only reason I kept going here was because I couldn’t find anywhere else in close proximity to where I live. There really isn’t that much competition here. Now I’ll just drive an hour away to the good place! :/

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  1. You really seem to get the wrong end of the stick Oni. I hope that your litte tale costs these people a lot of money, but even so I doubt that they will change their practices. Don’t be so nice in the future girl.

    1. Partially nice, partially lazy..or rather there isn’t much competition in this area so the other problem was where else to go. I found a place though! :)

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