Making art, Expedition Everest yeti at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and cool comics crafts

The thing that bothers me a lot is that when you are a working artist without famous friends to give you exposure, you have to mostly work on marketing and strategy. I only draw about 10% of the time and I hate that. I am working to get that up higher.

Since I am unemployed now (Anyone care to hire me?) I’ve been taking the opportunity to schedule studying and improving art. I realized that essentially the style I naturally gravitate to is Cartoon Modern as you can see in this piece of Xeni from Boing Boing. But it should be no surprise to anyone who has been following my comics and art.

I picked up the latest Imagine FX and a cute new sketchbook. I have so many sketchbooks but I still struggle with using them. It’s mostly because when I was younger I couldn’t afford sketchbooks and so my Mom would always yell at me to not mess them up and would urge me to put them up until I “got older”. This meant that I never used them. LeSigh. When you grow up poor it’s always with ya, isn’t it?

I have been experimenting with some new pens and grayscale Copic Markers. Copics are really worth the investment whether you are an artist or if you just do scrapbooking and greeting cards.

If you are interested I suggest you start with a grayscale set of the Copic Sketch Markers and work your way up!

I have my Yeti from Expedition Everest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom near my desk. I think life would be better if we were all Yetis. Yetis don’t care. They just do what they do for Yeti reasons. They don’t harbor any selfish reasons. “I AM YETI ARRRR!” Joe Rhode was in charge of a masterpiece with the Expedition Everest Yeti ride in Animal Kingdom. I just wish that the parks would maintain the darn thing and fix the yeti that has been broken in it for years now.

Finally here is a look at some things I have in my office that people have made for me based on my comic. You can see a whole gallery of it (and you can submit more by emailing me) here.

Finally here is some motivation that I put in my office right behind my computer to encourage me to stop second-guessing and overthinking my work:

We could all use some motivation now and again. :)

I have to run off to do some errands today – I may have another contest brewing! I’m so glad many of you were into the last one!