Contest: LeSportsac Disney It’s a Small World giveaway – handbags inspired by Mary Blair’s theme park art

CONTEST IS CLOSED – Sandy Eisentrout Allen won the large bag and Ami Bogin won the makeup case! IF YOU DIDN’T WIN STAY TUNED FOR THE NEXT CONTEST WHICH WILL HAPPEN SOON! (I think I might have another bag but just give me a few days. :)

My birthday is Friday and I have also just started a new Facebook page for this blog so how about I give you guys something cool to celebrate both?

As you know I’m an artist and cartoonist. I’m ALWAYS toting art supplies around with me from work to my job reviewing theme parks and haunted attractions. I need something cute and durable to contain the chaos.

LeSportsac really gets that down. You can read my updated review of their bags here.

When they showed me their new collection I was impressed. I’m giving away bags from their Disney’s It’s a Small World Spring Collection.

How can you win?

OPTION 1: If you have Facebook, click “like” on my brand new fan page for this blog and share the LeSportsac contest image on your wall. Be sure to use the “Share” button so I can see you to put your name down.

OPTION 2: If you don’t have Facebook post a comment below about where you’d take your LeSportsac bag if you won.

I will compile up all of the names into an excel sheet and use a random number generator to select the winners.

The first person selected will receive a Large Weekender in the Well Wishes print. This bag is HUGE and perfect for a weekend getaway to Disney or anywhere else! It’s 13.75 x 20.75 x 10.5 inches and retails for almost $160.

The second person selected will get a travel makeup case.

Please note that as these bags are sample from the company they do not come with the charms. Contest begins whenever I post this probably on Monday 4/8 and closes at 3PM on Friday 4/12 at 3PM. Winners will be chosen by random number generator as soon as I get back home if I am out that day. (That day is my birthday so I might be somewhere wearing a raccoon costume eating cake, and riding a giant walrus because that’s how we do it in Jersey.)

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more giveaways and thanks to LeSportsac for being so awesome!

25 Comments on “Contest: LeSportsac Disney It’s a Small World giveaway – handbags inspired by Mary Blair’s theme park art

  1. I would give this bag to my wife, I’m sure she’d love to take it to Disneyland with us in May, and to Disney World in September!

  2. Well,
    Naturally I would use something as awesomely cute as this to carry around my collection of toys which I use to document theme parks and haunted houses myself. Cameras, Camcorders, Cell phones plus a side of a Nintendo 3DS (for line entertainment when people-watching fails) take up some pretty hefty space!

    Plus it’s far cuter then my current “Must carry ALL The THINGS” bag!

    -Carrie @InSanity lurks Inside

  3. I’d take it to Intervention, then the island paradise, & then on the trip to London, Brussels, & Paris that I just booked for 2014. I’ve been meaning to check out their products since your last review. My purse is too small now that I have a Nook.

  4. I love this bag and will take it tutoring, and pack it with pencils and workbooks that my students from many countries use!

  5. I would take my Lesportsac to DragonCon. Cute bags are a must when surrounded by fellow geeks.

  6. I would definitely take the bag to a weekend at Disney (most likely a RunDisney weekend)Super cute!

  7. I would of course take my Lesportsac to Intervention and probably carry many adorable owl toys in it, then I would travel to England and Germany with it because the world really is getting smaller every year! Happy birthday!!!! <3

  8. Where would I take my Sportsac? To the most magical place on earth, of course! My husband and I are headed to WDW for our anniversary in October and this would be a great bag to bring along.

  9. Where wouldn’t I take such an awesome bag? To work, to the pool, and of course to Disney World and on Disney cruises. I love me some Disney Dooneys but these bags look awesome too!

  10. I would use either bag for my Disney trip in September! The weekender would be great for short trips or I would probably use the smaller makeup case as a catch all in my tote I carry around everyday.

  11. I would take it over to my boyfriend’s house when I stay over! Gosh they are sooo cute! huge Disney fan here.

  12. I would take this to my daughter who is a big disney fan. She and her husband are going to Disneyworld for the first time this year! She would oh so love to have this with her on her trip. Thank you! Happy Birthday!

  13. I would take the weekender bag on every trip I take whether its for one night or a week. The travel make-up case I would carry in my purse everyday with all my necessities in it. Thanks for an awesome giveaway and happy birthday!!

  14. I would take the weekender bag on my trips to Disney World and on our boating weekends. I’d use the makeup bag everyday to remind me of my favorite ride :) Thanks for the awesome giveaway and happy birthday!

  15. It’s so awesome to see Mary Blair finally get some respect the the modern times. Her art is so amazing. I’d totally use these bags to take around town and to work.

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