2013, Oni's Life

Camping and haunted houses, Epcot Flower and Garden Festival, and a journey to Florida

For some reason every April/May I crash and have trouble making blog posts. It’s probably because the haunted attraction season hasn’t started yet. This is actually fine by me because believe it or not reviewing haunted attractions is work. Doing quality reviews, getting the posts up quickly, traveling, and everything else that it entails is pretty nuts. Sure it starts out fun then 2 or 3 weeks in after another long night out you kind of want to jump off a cliff because you haven’t slept in days.

There have been some announcements about haunts doing camping events and not much else since last season. Since I’d rather stick a walrus in my eye than go anywhere near camping I doubt I’ll be covering that unless someone asks me nicely. (I can be convinced maybe I don’t know.) Camping was something I was subjected to when I was growing up and it was mostly just a hell I had to endure. We couldn’t afford to do many vacations so we’d end up doing what someone who was Not Me wanted to do and sit our asses out in the woods smelling like B.O., bitching at each other for a week, and then getting diarrhea.

Yeah no thanks. My idea of a good camping trip is at Pop Century in Orlando. Or the Hilton and Ace Hotel.

I can use the break from reviewing because I also post comics for you to read every week and organize my How to Blog and DIY event that you should get off your ass and register for right now. I’m about to go to Florida to review Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival, too. Many other bloggers have probably told you the politically correct versions of the reviews – I’m set to just tell it like it is as usual. I don’t think that is a problem because I seriously doubt it’s not going to kick ass.

This reminds me of a question – what would you guys like me to post about when it’s not Halloween or Theme Park time? I’ve tested talking about horror films and other random stuff.

This blog was basically just about my behind the scenes life when I’m not making comics. It got bigger than I expected. I didn’t set out to be some niche or anything other than my own but now I constantly hear that my reviews are what companies and haunt owners use to improve their stuff. I’m blown away. Thank you, guys. I’m glad I can help.

Maybe just doing random stuff about my life is still the answer.