2013, New Art

A cartoon modern Disney’s Haunted Mansion bride and stretching room-inspired art that is not by Shag or Mary Blair

I got a brand new top of the line 27 inch iMac for my birthday so I can make art again and videos! I have a video of the creation of this one processing now. It’s so great to not be working on a machine that is over 6 years old and constantly crashing! This means you get more art!

BEEEG BEEEG COMPUTAR (and big coffee!):

This is what the Haunted Mansion 40th anniversary artwork might look like if I worked on it. I noticed that without my ever having ever seen their art before the style I have been working in since I was little is in the same family as Mary Blair and Shag. Hey maybe I’ll work on something like this in the future – are you listening, Mickey? :) I already did some illustrations for Namco, so onward and upward!

I hope you enjoy my art! Please do read my comics. You can see more of my art here.

This piece is 11 x 17 when printed. Click for larger.