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The menu for the 2013 Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Virginia Food and Wine Festival is out

GUYS! Not to be confused with the time I lit my table on fire trying to make Feuerzangenbowle for New Year’s Eve you have to understand that the only thing that is as serious business to me as Haunted Attractions are FOOD AND WINE FESTIVALS!!!!

For example the time we went nuts in Orlando even though it wasn’t even the Food and Wine time of year boooom.


The food at Busch Gardens parks is top quality in my opinion – and I’m a girl who doesn’t touch fast food. You might call me a foodie except for I probably don’t qualify because I’m too much like a PAC MAN. :D


2013 Busch Gardens Williamsburg Food and Wine Menu:

Hungry from all the alpine air? Spend an afternoon in our gazebo gardens, where traditional Austrian paprikash (a sweet paprika chicken stew) and Tafelspitz mit Apfelkren (a slow-braised beef sirloin with apple horseradish sauce) pair perfectly with linzer torte and refreshing draft beer. Or try our schnitzelwich—a pork schnitzel slider with lemon and capers—that’s a unique twist on the classic Austrian schnitzel.

Explore the culinary wonders of the great north woods! Try a hearty helping of sharp cheddar and lager chowder, or a venison sausage and corn porridge cooked over a wood-burning fire and finished with apple cider and caramelized onions. For dessert, enjoy creamy pumpkin caramel mousse. And while we can’t guarantee a Canadian moose sighting, you will find Moosehead lager—plus assorted wines.

There’s a very good reason why the French are world-famous for their food. At Busch Gardens, we’ve created two kiosks dedicated to the French culinary arts. The first kisok, you can find an assortment of liquor and wine can be found here, along with French favorites like Coq au Vin, chilled Vichyssoise soup, and Tomates Farcies a la Ratatouille. And no trip to France is complete without Moules Provençales avec Rouille, the incredible mussels simmered in tomato-fennel broth and served with lemon-saffron mayonnaise. Bon appétit!

Celebrate Oktoberfest in Germany, where gourmet sausage is the star. Traditional knockwurst gets an inventive update with curry-spiced tomato ketchup and roasted potatoes, while Schinkennudel noodle bake with cured ham and cheese is classic comfort food. Enjoy Rahmgulasch, a creamy veal stew with mushrooms and onions served in a flakey puff pastry shell, followed by sweet Griess pudding with blackberry compote. And it wouldn’t be Germany without great beer—and we’ve got eight unique drafts brews on tap.

In Greece, you’ll find bright flavors inspired by sunshine, warm sea breezes, and the cool blue of the Mediterranean Sea. Start with halloumi, a griddled Greek cheese topped with sweet clover honey and crushed pistachios; then enjoy a salata with lemon-oregano vinaigrette and crispy pita bread. A souvlaki tzatziki features a skewer of marinated roasted pork and sweet peppers, alongside a refreshingly tangy cucumber, dill, and yogurt sauce. Assorted wine is available here, as well as the beloved Greek baklava—a traditional treat featuring layers of flaky pastry, nuts and honey.

Looking for a taste of la dolce vita? You’ll find the sweet life in Italy, where delectable desserts are king. Sample the panna cotta and a cannoli (or two or three), but leave room for the tiramisu—featuring lovely layers of ladyfingers, coffee, chocolate and whipped cream. Assorted liquor and wine is available, as well as glasses of bubbly champagne.

Step into a traditional fisherman’s village and experience a taste of Scandinavian culture and cuisine. Start with cured salmon-topped potato pancakes and sweet mustard and dill sauce, or try classic Swedish meatballs in cream sauce with lingonberry jam. Cream-filled krumkake is a tasty treat. Assorted liquors and wine can also be found in our Scandinavian kiosk.

Discover a taste of Scotland, no kilt or tam o’shanter required. Now’s the time to try a world-famous Scottish egg, a delicious delicacy featuring a deep-fried, sausage-wrapped hard-boiled egg. Our hearty shepherd’s pie combines lamb stew topped with a mashed potato crust, while chilled sweet pea bisque with minted cream is the perfect way to cool down on a warm summer day. Assorted wine and Scottish toffees are also featured.

Spaniards are known for their mastery of tapas, the delicious appetizers that pack big flavor into small bites. Enjoy a sampling here—with paprika-roasted Marcona almonds, marinated olives, and Manchego cheese with quince paste. Want more? Our spicy chorizo empanada pairs perfectly with cilantro lime cream; or, try the Venera con Jamón, a scallop wrapped in cured ham and served with saffron rice and Romesco sauce. And what Spanish holiday would be complete without hazelnut custard and a thirst-quenching fruity sangria?

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