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A Wonder Woman fan film that Hollywood would be too scared to make

I get a little frustrated that we have so many films about male superheroes that can be played straight-faced, but we seem to have trouble doing a solo female superhero film right. I think it’s one reason that I dropped out of caring about pop culture for the most part. How many women have had to play the stupid part where she’s shaking and can’t shoot the bad guy as he attacks her? I’m just tired of it, man. The same stupid cliche crap over and over again. And don’t even get me started on this thing.

If we had films like the following clip I’d be paying money again. As an ex-MMA fighter I do have some qualms about the fight choreography, but I’ll let that slide:

Female Super Hero Fan Film from Jesse V. Johnson on Vimeo.

7 Comments on “A Wonder Woman fan film that Hollywood would be too scared to make

  1. Yeah, I got problems with that fight choreography too. On the whole, tho? Quite solid, and frankly it’s kind of sad that that isn’t the norm.

    1. Yeah I would have had her grapple a bit more and the shot with the 2 guys going down didn’t work with physics in a way that you could suspend disbelief.

      But yeah this should be the norm. Even Xena had to make it “funny” in order to sell it. I remember when that show was on people would slam me for liking it because it was “goofy”. The goofiness they put in it to sell it also functioned as a great way for people to dismiss it.

  2. looks fun. the movie that is. not messing with any MMA fighter, unless it’s a rear naked choke ;)

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