What Happens When You Talk About Guns and Politics on the Internet

The good thing about TV is that when you’ve had enough you can turn it off. You can do the same with the internet, but it’s so intertwined with getting work done and staying in touch with friends and family that it is a lot tougher. Even if I agree with a political position I’m so exhausted with the constant drum beat of it.

Facebook is the worst. More often than not our friends agree with us, but people still can’t stop the endless preaching to the choir to the tune of “I’M SO SMART U STUPID HERE’S MY POLITICAL OPINION IF YOU DISAGREE YOU ARE A POOP HEAD.” posts. There are also a lot of fake posts that go viral so it’s obvious many are just re-posting things without research. These posts do nothing. I’ve never heard of anyone who changed their opinion over a Facebook post.

I get that these issues are important, but unleashing a shit storm of them on Facebook is like going to a party at a McDonald’s on the corner and screaming your political views in the bathroom.

Let’s keep working together to make the internet an annoying thing to be on, guys.

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