2012, Oni's Life

Nightmares in Red, White, and Blue: A sausage party

I just watched Nightmares in Red, White and Blue – a pretty good documentary about horror films in America from the silent film era to the present.

That said, there isn’t one single mention of any female filmmaker in the entire documentary. This is why the internet is important. I look around my DIY internet convention, Intervention and I see that at least 50% of our creators (including those who work in film) are female. I don’t try to meet a gender criteria. I just let people in without looking at who they physically are. SURPRISE: there’s a diverse range out there.

Imagine how many great works you never got to see due to a bullshit gatekeeper too busy blowing himself.

The catch is that today you need to keep your eyes open. All people are out there doing amazing work. Some see it as a loss of power. I see it as a step toward equalization in a highly stupid system. Without the internet, I myself would have no career. With the Internet I managed to build all of this shit and more. I literally started from nothing with no support, turned all of that around and am now one of the more successful people I know. Is it easy? No. But it’s possible if you keep your head up, don’t listen to idiots who tell you you can’t do things, and remember it’s OK to pull a monkey or 2 out of your ass every once in awhile.