D20 Games in Alamedia, CA turns store robbery into a positive

D20 Games in California was robbed by selfish customers but it ended on a positive note.

Ben from D20 Games says,

“A number of folks wanted to do something to support the store in response, and ended up doing something great. They’ve been buying games from us to donate for groups like Toys for Tots. (To help, we decided that people buy two Yugioh or Magic intro/starter decks to give away, we’ll match with a third one). We tend to like answering bad with good, so if you feel any desire to help the store out after all of this, that is the best way to do it. (For those younger kids or those who money is tight….just go out and do some random act of kindness for someone who needs it.) When the world does something bad, do something good in response. ;-)”

This is what I consider the Onezumi way. There are a lot of terrible people out there. Let’s do something to create light in the darkness.

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