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The first ever Oni Haunts Awards – recognizing the best Haunted Attractions from our tour

Our 2012 haunt tour concluded last night with Shocktoberfest. You may have seen me livetweet some of it if you follow me on Twitter.

We still have some reviews left to get out for you:

Pennsylvania – Sinking Spring: Shocktoberfest
Pennsylvania – Plymouth Meeting: Haunt Lulu
Pennsylvania – Lancaster: Field of Screams

We’ll get those sorted out in the next day or so. Then we’ll deliberate on our first ever Oni Haunts Awards.

The Oni Haunts Awards won’t be a simple deal with only “Best Hayride”, “Best Walkthrough Haunted Attraction”, and so forth. We will have these categories, but we believe that comparing all haunted attractions against each other is a little bit shortsighted. It’s not a fair fight of you compare a farm haunt to Universal Studios. There is a different scale involved, and in some cases perhaps a different intent. Some haunts are theatrical and are there to creep you out rather than terrify you.

Structure is subject to change, but thus far it will work something like this:

We’ll have an Oni Haunts: Spooky Fun designation for any haunt that we would be confident recommending to a friend that may only do 1 per year. These haunts are solid bets for a great time.

The tier above that will be specific awards tailored to haunts that we feel blew us away above and beyond. These are the “Holy SHIT!” of the tour.

If the haunt is not something we would recommend to a friend, they get nothing.

We still have a meeting to hammer this out as we had been hit pretty hard by Hurricane Sandy, but we should have more details for you this weekend or so.

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