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Oni Haunts preliminary attraction count 2012 – I can’t even eat breakfast without following through and lighting someone’s nuts on fire.

Looks like Oni Haunts 2012 is winding down with a count of 27 haunts including approx 84 attractions this season (approximating by each haunt’s attraction count.) That’s probably not accurate but that’s ballpark, I’m tired, and I have a server infrastructure meeting to get to tomorrow morning.

When I get more time I’ll count up formally and I might eliminate some if I don’t feel they should be called a separate attraction (another discussion entirely. You attraction inflaters calling an 8 ft hallway an attraction know who you are….)

Either way – we BLEW PAST our previous record of approx 16 haunts and 45 attractions.

I say approximately, because I don’t feel like counting right now and it’s not that important other than the main point which is HOLY SHIT WE DID SO MANY MORE HAUNTS THAN LAST YEAR and next year is going to be even more – with the possible addition of a flight to Texas, Nevada, and/or Georgia.

When you haunt with me, you haunt DEEP.

P.S. I kind of wanted to drop dead and cry around October 22nd but continued due to SCIENCE. Nothing would have given me greater pleasure than to have been able to achieve a full nights sleep during the first 2 weeks of my new day job, but it’s my job to follow through on what I promise my readers. I do that. You guys are the #1 priority for me.

I think I am insane – I can’t even eat breakfast without following through and lighting someone’s nuts on fire.

Don’t get me wrong – haunting is the most best awesome fun ever, but it’s also a job and it gets very demanding to do all of these an write them up.

Now I am going straight into figuring out the Oni Haunts Awards where we recognize the best of the best. I need a few days to get that sorted.

I also have a lot of cool art stuff coming out, and more info about my awesome Internet DIY convention – Intervention 2013 being worked on. Yeah – I don’t sleep.