Haunted Houses and haunted attractions open in November this weekend

I know I’m not done with haunts yet. This year some have extended to November 10th. This is the last weekend. If you are looking for some fun, you’d best check it now before the long, boring winter sets in.

Open this weekend are:

Haunted Houses:
- Philadelphia, PA – Eastern State Penitentiary Terror Behind the Walls REMIX
- Pittsburgh, PA: Scarehouse: Turn Out the Lights
- Baton Rouge, LA: The 13th Gate & Necropolis 13
- Baton Rouge, LA: A Legendary Haunt Tour

Other Haunted Attractions:
- East Windsor, NJ: The Zombie Mud Run:

Philadelphia, PA – Eastern State Penitentiary Terror Behind the Walls REMIX:

November 10th (tonight) features a bloodier and more interactive version of the show than the previous nights. I will be livetweeting it.

Pittsburgh, PA: Scarehouse: Turn Out the Lights:

For TWO NIGHTS ONLY a select number of small groups will enter the ScareHouse with no lights on, no one to guide you, and just a glowstick to help you get out. Everyone who enters the ScareHouse during this special event MUST SIGN A WAIVER before entering. A limited number of groups will be allowed into The ScareHouse from 7pm to midnight on Friday, Nov. 9th & Saturday, Nov. 10th. No more than 6 customers per group. No passes, discounts, or previously purchased tickets for our regular season will be accepted.

Baton Rouge, LA: The 13th Gate & Necropolis 13:

November 10th is a special encore presentation. The 13th Gate & Necropolis 13 will be open 6:30pm-11:30 pm Saturday, November 10th with more scares and more monsters than ever before!

Baton Rouge, LA: A Legendary Haunt Tour:

Admission for the Legendary Haunt Tour is $295. Ticket price includes tours of all haunt locations, full production shows of all haunted attractions and two evening parties. This year’s Legendary Haunt Tour is going to explore House of Shock, 13th Gate and Necropolis 13! House of Shock

House of Shock is hosting a BBQ dinner served throughout the event and a fantastic stage show filled with pyrotechnics and a lights off tour with full cast!

After Party! Lights on in the house. Free form tour at your leisure. No photo restrictions during lights during lights on tour. Also Running Concurrently: Make-up demos, round table or free form discussion with our in-house design team Dead House Designs – Owners will be on premises and will entertain all questions from everyone.

13th Gate & Necropolis 13 will have over 40,000 square feet of pure terror. Attendees will be served a authentic Louisiana Creole style dinner! Included in this event is the Voodoo Fire Show and all VIP access passes! The 13th Gate design crew will be hosting a Q&A with their make-up artists and scenic design team. The owners will be on-site to answer questions as well. The night will keep going with an amazing after-party.

East Windsor, NJ: The Zombie Mud Run:

A Post-Apocalyptic 5K obstacle Mud Run teeming with Zombies infected with the living dead virus. THE CHOICE You may sign up as a Human or Zombie. The humans will have to get through the obstacles and past the zombies to the Green Zone that has food, medical supplies and water. Zombies will have to infect as many humans as possible before they get to the Green Zone.

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