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Eastern State Penitentiary is open this November 10th with a special version of their haunted house called “REMIX”; won’t tell us what it is

Eastern State Penitentiary says that they are having a special version of their Haunted House this Saturday. What is it? No one seems to really know.

They posted this on their Facebook today:

“Terror Behind the Walls is commonly described as “high-startle, low gore.” For one night only, we’re changing the rules.

REMIX, taking place November 10, is the final night of our 2012 season. It is a different show than the 28 before it. Darker. Bloodier. Terror Like You’ve Never FELT.

All six attractions that comprise Terror Behind the Walls will be open and fully staffed, but you will experience them in a whole new way. Want to know more? You’ll just have to join us for REMIX this Saturday.

Tickets are limited. Buy online at easternstate.org/buynow

ESP is one of my favorite places in the world and I really love their haunted house, but I have to give a thumbs down to how they are marketing this. It says to me, “Hey buy tickets to something. We aren’t going to tell you what it is for or why it’s worth it though.”

I can figure out that it means they will probably add more gore to the show, but does this mean they are going to touch you? Will the lights be out? Is it a different pathway through the haunt?

I really don’t know enough about this event to sell it to you or myself. The idea of having to go to the event to find out what I paid for? I don’t think many casual people or people on the fence due to recovering from being hit hard by Sandy are going to be into that concept.

If you haven’t gone yet it is a safe bet that this will be a good time because ESP is always a good time. I cannot speak to how it would be for someone who has already gone this year.

EDIT: I’ll be at the show that night. They contacted me and are so confident that this version of the show is amazeballs that they’d like me to cover it. So I will be livetweeting and blogging it!