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Busch Gardens Williamsburg Howl O Scream’s Lady of the Gardens art, Christmas Town, and Oni Haunts goes holiday

I will be livetweeting the Christmas Town event this saturday at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

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I am crappy at surprises. This will be presented to their Social Media crew this Saturday as well. :) View it (and my other art) in the gallery here.

#OniHaunts turns #OniHoHoHaunts!

I am batshit loco. #OniHaunts has has grown into #OniHoHoHaunts 2012. Thanks to the folks at Busch Gardens, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay and my soon to be blog contributor Jill Witecki for making it possible. I will be livetweeting and blogging holidays at the theme parks and driving over 2000 miles to do it. I’ll be livetweeting BGW’s Christmas Town media day this Saturday, December 1st. I will be finding and showing you the coolest stuff in the northeast as well – including the Christmas Tree and holiday shops (and NOMS) in NYC. During Christmas Week I will be departing for Florida.

By the time it’s over I will have hit the Disney Parks, the zoos, and finish up the season with Busch Gardens Tampa’s Christmas Town plus a finale of debauchery in Tampa where I will leave art and creative deviance in my wake.


Then I hibernate until May while I re-launch my comic and then I’ll do the circuit again for the Summer season while preparing for my DIY Internet convention, Intervention.

It’s like the circle of life or something.

This is crazy. “Domararu [might] regret this.”