Trimper’s Haunted House, Pirate’s Cove, Morbid Manor 3D review – Ocean City, MD

I had waited a few years to get to Trimper’s Rides in Ocean City, MD because it’s about 4 or 5 hours away from where we live in Central Jersey.

Boy, was I an absolute moron.

Trimper’s Rides is definitely worth a long drive if you are a theme park or haunt fan of any kind. Their vintage Bill Tracy Haunted House is so good that I’m at a loss to even describe it to you other than you should make arrangements to get here next Summer via any means necessary.

It is not every day that you see this many awesome things all in one place. Trimper’s Rides is a part of a giant boardwalk on Ocean City. You’ll find shopping, rides, vintage artifacts, and modern cool things all in one place. We spent an entire day exploring and still wanted to come back. The Haunted House and the Pirate’s Cove on Trimper’s are it’s most impressive features. The Pirate’s Cove is only 1 of 2 remaining in the world.

Check out our podcast about the 2 Dark Rides on Trimper’s: the Haunted House and the Pirates Cove. (To a lesser extent we discuss the absolutely TERRIBLE “Morbid Manor 3D” that a neighboring pier has – which takes the crown as the worst haunt we have ever been through.)


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Now for some photos!

Not only is Ocean City, MD one of the most pleasant places to visit, but Trimper’s Rides specifically is a treasure trove of Dark Rides and vintage theme park finds.

Feast your eyes on just a small selection of the treasures that are housed on this pier:

The restoration of the ticket booth:

Seems legit:


The vintage Bill Tracy Haunted House – a must see! I have never seen a better vintage Haunted House.

The Bill Tracy Haunted House is a ride through. You get to sit in the intricately designed coffin cars. The ride itself is pretty long – and goes over 2 levels. Many classic stunts are in place. Our only regret is that a few bits of lighting and other pieces were not working when we rode through. We went through twice and plan to return next Summer. This is the biggest, and best kept up vintage Bill Tracy haunt we have ever seen!

If that wasn’t enough to make our vintage ride-loving selves go nuts, they have 1 of only 2 remaining Pirate’s Cove walk through fun houses.

We give Trimper’s a total thumbs up!

We give their neighbors who have this insanely crappy Morbid Manor 3D a thumbs down. Do not ride it. Trust us. It’s just a giant tin can with some sale items from the Halloween store sitting on the floor:

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3 Responses to “Trimper’s Haunted House, Pirate’s Cove, Morbid Manor 3D review – Ocean City, MD”

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  2. MBrilhart says:

    Awesome podcast! I’ve been going to Trimper’s all my life, and I love the Haunted House. If you haven’t already checked it out, go visit my friend Brandon’s site that documents the history of the ride: ochh.net

    Very interesting blog you’ve got here. I love dark rides!

    • onezumi says:

      Yay thanks!

      Oh yeah I know that site! My one question about the HH is why they no longer have the bat shirt! That was the best one!

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