2012, Film and TV

Ernest P. Worrell is back with Son of Ernest

Jim Varney passed away in 2000, but that doesn’t mean that Hollywood is done with Ernest P. Worrell. Yep, creator John Cherry is working on a reboot starring Ernest’s “long lost son”.

No, this is not April Fools.

Dan Erwen will be writing the script. Ewen has written “Dear Satan” for Fox and a family comedy called “Playing With Fire” at Broken Road Productions.

With a franchise that hinged so much on a specific actor – I am not sure that Mr. Erwen has a battle he can win here.

What do you think?

I think I need to buy Hey Vern it’s Ernest on DVD for Harknell.

Ernest started off doing commercials, but it grew into many successful films. Here are some Ernest Bloopers to remind you of Jim Varney:

And here is Jim Varney as Ernest in a special to mark the grand opening of Splash Mountain at Disneyland’s Magic Kingdom.