2012, Comics, Geeky

Donate to my DIY art / tech conference and geek convention; get a Doctor Hoot poster

I just finished the 13 x 19 Enabler Poster for those who donate $25 or more to help us fund Intervention this year. You can even have it mailed to you if you can’t attend.

Your money goes DIRECTLY toward running the event.

If you are new, or don’t know what my convention/conference is about yet:

“Kind of like Woodstock for Geeks! Convention founded by an Internet DIY artist to empower everyone to make cool things without being limited by traditional means of publication. The indie art space of the future is now.”

Even if you aren’t the type of person to put your work online, you can meet the people behind some very cool projects and play all the video games you want. We are a full-service geek fest.

You have until August 31st to get the lower pre-registration and room rate.