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Then She Fell – new immersive theater by the people who brought you the Steampunk Haunted House NYC

Coming October 2012 from Third Rail Projects (aka The Steampunk Haunted House people): An immersive theater experience housed inside a former outpatient wing of the Greenpoint Hospital. Only 15 audience members will be admitted per show.

Not much info is available yet, but click here to see their newly launched website, follow them on twitter and become a fan on Facebook.

If you’ve been following my haunt reviews, you might remember that out of the hundreds of attractions I have been to from New Jersey to Pennsylvania to Florida and back, these guys were the best of the best. (Read our review here and the external article I wrote over at NJ.com about it.) I have high expectations for this one. It’s likely going to be a can’t miss event.

In fact, if you missed any of their past shows, I feel sorry for you. (But I feel more sorry for me that I only discovered them last year.)

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