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Oni in the press

I’ve been getting some more press for what I’ve been doing lately with comics and Intervention.

If you want to write about what we are doing, just contact me through the link on the top of this site. You can access my press kit here.

If you want some reading material, here is a small snippet of the recent ones:

– Intervention founder Onezumi talks about the con and says, “I’m what you’d get if you put Salvador Dali and Beavis and Butthead in a blender with Kermit the Frog”

– Geeking Out About has posted an interview with Onezumi about the con.

Comics Coast to Coast ep. 125 featured founders Onezumi and Harknell talking about Intervention.

– GeekDad talks about how you should Have an Intervention with Your Kids.

– Dueling Analogs writes about what a great and unique experience our event is.

– GeekMom podcast talks about Intervention!

– – Intervention Con: Replicating the Online Experience in a Con

– The Comic Dish interviews Onezumi and Harknell about Intervention

– Examiner – NJ Comic Creators build Intervention Con