2011, Haunted Attractions, New Jersey

Morey’s Piers Ghost Ship gets an update; improves scares

You might remember that last year we went to see Ghost Ship at Morey’s Piers in Wildwood, NJ and were less than impressed. Frustrated by the fact that the facility was so awesome, I emailed Morey’s Piers and asked if they planned to make any changes this year. They replied telling me that yes, they indeed would be making changes to make it scarier.

I went to see Ghost Ship again this year and I have to say that yes, they did make improvements from last year. I can now recommend Ghost Ship to you. They redid many of the scenes, added scare actors, and generally enhanced a ton of things. Last year I felt that it was not worth what I paid, this year I felt that it was good fun. I will definitely be back next year. It seems that they plan to make improvements every year. They are moving in the right direction, for sure! I’ll be back for their new Halloween festival this year.

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